Only Pumping About 1 Ounce Should I Be Concerned

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madison - April 2

i just started pumping about a week ago to see how much milk i was producing and its only about 1 ounce or a little over 1 ounce each session. i am now wondering if my baby (2 weeks old, 6 lbs) is getting enough from me when i br___tfeed her. dh and i started supplementing with formula twice during the night and she is taking about 2.5 ounces or sometimes more of that. when i give her my pumped milk she takes the same (2 or more ounces) but that means i have to double pump just for one feeding. this morning dh gave her 2 ounces of pumped milk and she was still hungry so i br___tfed her for a while, too. she is still latching on well. i am just concerned that i am not providing enough br___tmilk at her feedings. since we started supplementing and giving her the pumped milk she is sleeping so much better and doesnt seem hungry in 30 minutes as she did before when i was solely br___tfeeding. anyone have thoughts on this? i have a call in to a LC to ask, as well.


madison - April 2



tryingx3 - April 2

They will tell you that pumping doesn't indicate how much milk you are producing, that babies are more efficient at extraction than pumps are. I suspect they will tell you that supplementing can effect your supply, but I suspect (but don't know for sure) if you are supplementing at the same time of day your body might balance all of that out. It is very difficult to pump and feed a baby full-time (like you are doing)...many of us talk about pumping are AWAY from our baby when doing so - for example, back to work.


mamagoose - April 2

Don't worry, I had the same issue in the beginning and it's usually OK. The key thing here is that your baby is much, much better at extracting milk than any pump. Make sure you let your baby nurse as often as possible rather than pumping, during the first 4 weeks. The nursing stimulates your b___sts to produce more milk. The lactaction consultant I saw recommended letting the baby nurse 15-20 minutes on each b___st before offering her a supplementary bottle of formula... this way, your baby is "placing the order" for tomorrow's b___stmilk supply, but you're not sending her to bed hungry. The first 4 weeks are critical in establishing milk supply, and the best thing you can do to ensure success is to let her nurse frequently and for as long as she needs to. Have you experienced the "let-down" sensation yet? I didn't until about 4-5 weeks postpartum, but it makes a big difference in how much you can pump. Once your let-down reflex kicks in, you will probably suddenly be able to pump 3-4 oz in a sitting. Good luck, and stick with it! It gets much easier!



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