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alynnburke - November 19

I just bought the most recent book, and just wanted to see what others thought about it. Does the routine she suggests work, and how hard was it to get started? My son is 2months old, I am currently br___tfeeding and giving occasional bottles of pumped milk. I will be returning to work in a couple weeks, and want to get him on a more regular routine for the babysitter. If you don't like the Baby Whisperer do you have any other suggestions? Let me know what you think. Thanks!!


kristine - November 19

The best thing that I took away from reading The Baby Whisperer was to get the eat-activity-sleep routine down. Once you get that down it is easier to know what they want (whether they are tired or hungry). Good luck to you!


excited2bemama - November 19

I didn't like the baby whisperer because she does promote the eat, play, sleep, routine and I think its more natural to do play, eat, sleep as babies get sleepy when they eat esp when they b___stfeed. I also don't like her sch in regards to feeding as I am a firm believer in demand feeding. I do a routine with my lo but I demand feed and watch her cues on when she is tired although she takes her naps at roughly the same time everyday. Other than that she does have some good info about babies etc


charee - November 21

With my firstborn it was confusing and more stressful for me after i read it and tried to do it, i ended up just giving up on the easy idea. This time with my son, i dont have to ever really be away from him or pump... and i havent even read her book again... although sometimes it sounds nice cause its really tough to get him to sleep, he wants to nurse when he is already full so he can go to sleep, but gets upset when he gets milk cause he is already full...


kristine - November 23

See, with my son, I used to feed him and then try to put him down for a nap. The problem was that he would fall asleep before he was full and then wake up soon into the nap to finish eating. This became a problem. For him the key was to feed him when he woke up from naps and get him to learn to fall asleep on his own. Now at 6.5 months old, it doesn't matter much because he rarely falls asleep when eating. It's just another example that each and every baby is so very different!!


Kira_lynn - December 3

Well I have to say that i've seen the baby whisperer methods practiced a lot. My cousin, sister and best friend are all followers. They all have very different babies but they all stick to her recommendations. I've never seen babies so well behaved. I've read the book numerous times and sticky-noted all the pages. lol. I'll try the methods outlined and if they work great, if not, then i'll get help from them. I really believe in the baby whisperer methods.


oncemore - December 3

I gotta chime in. I don't remember what the book was called that my friend let me borrow... but it had the same principal of "eat, wake, sleep" routine (oh during the first 2 or 3 weeks you don't have to try to keep the baby awake as that is almost impossible and wrong to do. New borns need their sleep!) But let me tell ya.... I have three kids...my two older kids ages 9 and 7... I didn't do any type of routine. mainly feed when they cried. My son (1st) wanted to eat every 2 hours and didn't sleep through the night until AFTER we stopped nursing (at 13 months old!). Next, my daughter...she was a little better. Could go 4 hours between feedings and would sleep a little better (like 4 to 6 hours when she was older than 6 mo)... and then finally through the night at around 10 mo old. Naps where a bit of a fight with my son, and he would cry. My daughter was a little better..... THEN.... big break and we had another daughter after 6 years (she is now 15 months old)... I didn't do anything too strict by the book...except for trying to do the "eat-wake-sleep" routine... where she would stay awake at least an hour before putting her down to sleep... well... she has been sleeping through the night since she was 2 1/2 months old!!! AND... now she actually comes to me when she wants to go down for a nap or when we say it's "night night time"... she gets excited and starts to run to her crib!!! I know... sounds too good to be true!!! But it is true!!! I love it! she is such a good baby/toddler and followed the routine from the start pretty easy and we just stayed consistant with it and I have to think that part is her personality for sure... but part (and a big part) has got to be because of the "eat-wake-sleep" method. I am pg again with our last baby and plan to do the same process with this baby as well. I love nursing and getting much needed sleep makes a big difference in the quality of how I take nursing... it's an enjoyable bonding time and not a tiring and exhuasting time. Good luck to what ever you decide! OH... I think the book I read was called "Baby Wise"... like I said though... I took from the book what I thought would work for us, and I left the rest behind... all the strict "scheduling" and charting feedings and such was NOT for me. ***Also... bend a little when needed... you don't have to do it by the book ALL the time.. use your "mother's intuition" when you sense you need to change the routine a bit or not. But stay consistant as much as you can. Babies thrive on routine. Just my opinion.~Lori~


alynnburke - December 4

Thank you all for you input!!!



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