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meg - January 28

how long I am planning on br___tfeeding? So many people, after I tell them I am nursing, ask how long I plan on nursing. Do they think I have a magical date in mind that I plan on stopping? As long as it is working for the both of us, I will continue. My ds is only 4 1/2 months, so I don't plan on stopping anytime soon. I have just never understood this question, & was wondering if anyone has any answers. Thanks. :)


Mommy_to_be - January 28

Not sure...everyone has their own opinions about how long one should b___stfeed. Some women think that bf-ing up to or past a year is appropriate...others who aren't as comfortable with it or who don't know the great advantages of b___stfeeding may think that it should only be done til the minimum recommended (6mo). I plan on bf-ing my daughter til I go back to school full time (I have 2 semesters of college left) when she'll be around 9mo. I personally would be uncomfortable feeding a child who is walking around or starting to talk, but that's just my opinion and would never ask a woman how long she will b-feed or discourage bf-ing at that point. :)


Emmie - January 28

I usually say-until I am tired of it-and laugh. My son is nine months old and has never taken forumula and has not drank pumped milk out of a bottle since he was 4.5 months old. He completely refuses. I plan on b___stfeeding until he is about a year and a half. I want to start trying for another baby then. It really is no ones business and you could just say Im not sure or probably for a while yet. Good luck in b___stfeeding and do it for as long as you want.


sahmof3 - January 29

I don't know why, either. It really is a silly ?that ppl ask because even if you have a vague idea of how long it doesn't mean it will happen, KWIM? Like with my oldest I thought, maybe a year... but he was getting down and trying to walk around while still nursing at 10 1/2 months. so that was that lol. Then, while my daughter was still being b___stfed I got pregnant and had cramping and had to wean when she was 9 months. And my youngest... I just couldn't get him weaned so he went longer. I suppose some people really are curious and some are just making small talk!


Steph - January 29

You could be a real smarta__s and tell em' your planning on weaning when your baby is 635 days old! :o)


candaceann1 - January 29

If somebody asks me such a question, they might get slapped. Since whe is it their business??


shannan - January 29

I know what you mean, Meg. It seems like as soon as I mention that I am b___stfeeding, they immediately ask how long I am planning on doing it. People are very curious about this subject and sometimes I feel like I have to defend my decision to b___stfeed (my ds is 8 months old). I wish that it was more the norm ( although I know why a lot of people choose not too as well). I think that it would make things easier.



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