Ovulation During Breastfeeding

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anne - August 10

when do you start ovulating again? will you ovulate during br___tfeeding? i read it was 4 months, then i read 6 months. I am not ready to get pregnant again! Also -- Will i not have my period as long as i br___tfeed?


C - August 10

I know a girl that was pregnant by 7 months and she only b___stfed. She did not get her period while she b___stfed. My son is only 3 months and haven't got a period yet. It's kind of nice after bleeding for 4 weeks straight.


anne - August 11

C- thank you for your advice. not having a period will make it harder to know when i ovulate, so i better get on something. i heard we have up to 6 months and its safe?


jamie - August 12

i b___st fed for 7 months. i never had a period the entire time i nursed. after i stopped nursing i got pregnant again with out even getting a period!!!


Miss - August 13

I have heard that it is not likely that you will get pregnant if you are b___stfeeding at least every 4 hours during the day and 6 hours at night. However, once you slow down on the b___stfeeding, your body starts to send signals that it is getting to be closer to the time to get pregnant again.


Atoudt - June 26

Today my son turned 8 months old and I still have not had a period. I am new about the Natural Family Planning and telling when I am ovulating. But we would be happy for to have another baby!!


DeeD - July 3

You are never safe with unprotected s_x. EVER! Don't kid yourself into thinking just because there is no period...you don't ovulate. Thtat may be true with many women. But if you aren't ready to get pg again...protect yourself. My cousin got pregant while ebf 4 weeks after she gave birth. It can and does happen. GL!


silk - December 7

Firstly, one ovulates first, then has a period after pregnancy, that is why one can fall pregnant without a period after pregnancy. Also there is an increase in body temperature round the time of the hormonal PH-Peak, which is 24 to 48 hurs after ovulation, so girls, get yourselves a thermometer and get measuring every morning and keep a record ( Knaus Ogino method) :-)


jenna32 - December 13

well my dd is 1 year and still no sign of a period. It may depend on how much you are still b___stfeeding in my opinion. So far she's only on 1 gla__s of cows milk a day,3 meals.



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