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Brittany - March 12

I've heard that using a pacifier while br___tfeeding isn't recommended. I really want to use one though, my bottle fed son loved his and it was easy to calm him down when he had his bad days. Do any br___tfeeding moms have any advice?


Emy - March 12

They say you can use them after 3 weeks and b___stfeeding is well established. That is what I have read at least.


ryanslilmama - March 12

my exclusively B/F son loves his pacifier. He had it from day one in the hospital (NICU) and never had a problem learning how to b___stfeed. At first in the hospital he had a soothie and then when he was moved into the special care nursery they gave him a nuk. He still loves the Nuk pacifiers and I love being able to give it to him to soothe himself to sleep.


olivia - March 12

I waited the recommended 6 weeks before giving her a pacifer. Well, I felt tricked because she would never take it at that point. She sucked our pinky or my b___b and that was it. I would say if b___stfeeding is going well for the first 2 weeks, start then (if not sooner) and see how it goes. If you start backtracking on the b___stfeeding then take away the pacifier.


jessb - March 13

I gave my daughter a paci right from the start and she never had any nipple confusion. She is now 5 weeks and b___st feeding has been smooth sailing since about week 3. The pacifer will satisfy her for a while if we are out and I cannot feed her or if she is just fussy sometimes.


layney - March 13

same here - we gave a pacifier from the start and ds never had any problems taking the b___st. gave bottles as well on a few nights when i was sick and dh offered to get up and feed him my pumped milk.


Heidi - March 13

I started giving Emma one around 4 wks old. Then at around 4 months old she just didn't want anything to do with one and she hasn't used one since. She discovered her fingers and thumb! I b___stfed too and never had a problem.


amyh - March 14

My daughter has used one from day one. She has never had any problems and she is one of those that needs something in her mouth at all times.


Brittany - March 14

Thanks girls, since I'll be new to b___stfeeding, I'll wait to introduce the paci for a few weeks to make sure b___stfeeding is going well. Thanks for all the advice, it's soooo appreciated!



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