Pain After Stoping Breastfeeding

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lucy - December 19

what to do after I stop br___tfeeding


kerrie - December 20

hiya u carnt just stop b___stfeeding u have to do it slowly by weaning ya baby on to the other milk u want to use cos u will get wats called engorged (engorment) which can course mast_tis which is very painful and ya b___st will go very red and hot if u get thia make sure u go to see your midwife or dr right away i hope this helps


Kerrin - January 1

You can start giving your baby mixed feeds for about a week if you want. Then cut out putting him/her on the b___st all together. If you keep feeding the milk will keep coming so you have to stop completely. It is uncomfortable but perservere and you should be ok after a few days - a week.


Nikki - January 5

These pains are normal when weaning. I had pains in my b___sts for about six months after my baby had finished weaning. They got fewer and farther between as time went by. Alternate cool and warm compresses for your b___sts and this may help with the pain.


nikki g. - June 29

My baby only breatsfeeds for comfort now, and it is getting to a point when i have to stop. How long will it take to go back to normal?


C - June 30

My sister told me that after 9 months of b___stfeeding she didn't get engorged anymore. Also, she quit b___stfeeding after 14 months and said she just stopped cold turkey with no pain. Is this normal? I have been b___stfeeding for 9 weeks and I hate engorgement. Sometimes at work I'm too busy to pump and it's such a pain in the b___t. I don't plan on quitting because the little bit of formula I do buy adds up fast. Why is formula so expensive? I'd love to know what it actually costs the manf. to make that stuff?


lizbeth - October 12

ok i had my baby 5 days ago already when i was in the hospital everything was fine but as soon as i got home i start developing a really high fever, i went to the doctor next day to see if i had an infection but no everything is fine. i really didnt want to bf, so i stop pumping my bm i had an engorment that everyday i have fever i really dont know what to do? can someone tell me what can i do?


anne - October 12

the low grade fever is very normal. it will go within 48 hours, so don't worry. your b___sts will swell and harden during this time too, it will hurt but be patient it will stop soon. if you plan to bf, then keep pumping or just don't do it if you want it to stop. the longer you pump or bf your baby, the harder it is to just stop.



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