Pain Again

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xXx-Lesley-xXx - December 29

My son is 7 weeks old and I'm starting to get cracked nipples. When I first had him there was only my right nipple that hurt, and that was sorted within a week. Now it is both of them. It is so painfull. I know he has the latch right cos it only hurts for the first few seconds he starts feeding. I think he is using me as a dummy when I feed him in the night. I fall asleep while he is feeding, but as soon as I wake back up again I put him back in his basket. At the most I'm asleep for 30 mins, and his feeds usually last that long. Maybe he is falling asleep before getting a full feed... I don't know! I never got anything like this when feeding my daughter and I slept with her for the first 9 months.


lisa - January 2

oh lesley, im with you, my left side was a bit inverted, isnt now but still hurts, ive tried putting vasoline round areola to help wide latch slip on, but if you fall aseap while feeding they delatch and such on nipple, so dont fall asleap :-) use kamilosan again, it helps, sometimes i swear i have oerminant thrush but think its vasosams


Christy - January 2

Lesley- Isn't Ben 8 weeks old today? :)Anyway, mine are hurting more too. I starting using the lanolin more frequently and it seems to help. I have also gotten a bit more militant about latching on properly again. Ben will get a tad lazy, doze off while he's eating and lose his latch. I have been trying to keep him awake more and relatch him when that happens. I hope that it will help.


LouLou - January 5

You guys definitely need to get some AVENT NIPPLE PROTECTORS if it wasn't for them I would have given up with the pain. It also helps the baby with the transistion to bottles later on if you want to. Lou


Sarahsmommy - January 6

Could it be thrush? My baby now has thrush and my nipples hurt and it's kind of a pinching, stinging pain. I was looking at my b___stfeeding book and it says they can be cracked, shiny, oozing, and some other symptoms. Just a thought.


Tati - January 8

Sarahsmommy I had the same problem my baby has whit spots in his mouth and my nipples hurt like crazy i even have small blood spots on the nursing pads. I really don't know what to do.The lanolin cream isn't helping. Any advice?


lisa - January 10

tati, thats thrush you and baby need medicine you can get on perscription



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