Ped Says CIO I Am Torn

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EricaLynn - March 9

My DD is almost 10 weeks old. It can sometimes take up to 5 hours to get her down for the night. (and sometimes she wont go down until 3 am!) It is driving me crazy. She is a weird baby in that she doesnt really nap during the day. Maybe a combined hour during the day (she cat naps) My pediatrition says to do a bedtime rutine, bath, jamies, swaddle, nurse, then put her in her crib and just let her cry herself to sleep. I have only let her cry it out once, and she only cried for 5 minutes. She says that after a while of this routine, she will figure it out and fall asleep when in her crib. I am torn though, I absolutely hate hearing her cry, and I always give in after about 5 minutes of crying. However I am sick of being up for sometimes 5 hours trying to get her to sleep. What do you ladies suggest? Any help would be very much appreciated!


DB - March 9

I read that babies that don't nap during the day are so overtired that they have trouble sleeping at night. You'd think it would be the opposite, but I guess it's not. I know what you mean about hating to hear them cry. I'm weak, I can't let her cry very long. I guess I'm very lucky that my dd sleeps pretty good at night. I'd maybe suggest trying to get her to nap more during the day. Maybe let her cry for 10 minutes max and see if she'll fall asleep?? I'm not a big fan or CIO when they're so young. I'm sorry, I wish I had better advice.


EricaLynn - March 9

Once she is down she sleeps for about 7 hours, wich is great I think! I try to get her to nap during the day but she isnt really interested and it just makes her mad. I am so torn, I want to have a better routine, but I also dont want to make her feel alone or like I am abandoning her. Urg I dont know what to do!


Sophia - March 9

It's not recommended to use CIO on a baby younger than 5 months. I think you should try lulling her to sleep in your lap, then transferring her to her own place. Babies like to feel secure, and holding them makes them feel cozy and safe. Are you b___stfeeding? Babies who b___stfeed get hungry more often because b___stmilk is digested more quickly. If you're not b___stfeeding, buy a baby carrier that you attach to yourself and carry her around in it. Good luck!


EricaLynn - March 9

Yes I am b___stfeeding, and I have been nursing her to sleep. I sit in the rocking chair with her until she falls asleep, and then I keep holding her for about 10 minutes to make sure she is asleep. But 5 minutes after I put her in her crib she is awake again. We do that for hours some nights. Its not that she doesnt sleep for that long, its that she has trouble getting down to sleep for the night, and it is getting frustrating, does anyone have a trick that maybe i havent tried yet?


meg - March 9

Do you have a swing? My ds is 6 mo old, & will still only sleep in his swing. We have been trying his crib for the last 2 weeks but the longest he will sleep in there is about 90 minutes, but usually it's closer to just 30! I absolutely cannot let him CIO, & I definitely would not let a 10 wk old! At that young of an age they need to feel loved & comforted. They crave touch. Hope this helps a bit.


kellens mom - March 9

As several have mentioned, CIO is not appropriate for a small baby. They don't know and don't understand. Are you willing to consider taking you lo to a chiropractor? No one realized that our dd had two vertebrate that were misaligned (not totally out, but not totally right). She did not nap and would not sleep at night. We took her to a chiropractor and 5 minutes after her adjustment (just the chest area - no neck or lower back) she slept for 3 hours. She was a completely different kid. We went back a couple more times because one spot kept slipping out. All said and done, it cost us less then $120. If you are willing to entertain the idea then I can give you more details.


SuzieQ - March 10

I know cosleeping is not for everyone, but have you tried it? My dd would not sleep alone for the first 12 weeks at all. Very similar to what you described - falls asleep nursing, put her down, wakes up crying, etc etc. I wasn't for or against cosleeping, but it really worked for us. Once she was 12 wks along, we started putting her in her cradle by the bed, and now she's in her crib for most of the night at 5 months old. It's not for everyone, but I thought I'd tell you our experience :) Also, will she sleep in the car or anything else?


SuzieQ - March 10

oops - pressed send too fast - anyways, if she'll sleep in the car, or swing, a wrap, stroller, your arms or whatever, maybe just let her sleep there for her naps until she gets a bit older. Good luck and let us know how it goes :)


Tammy276 - March 10

what does CIO stand for?


DDT - March 11

cry it out


DDT - March 11

My baby is 3 weeks old now and I've let him cry it out was the best thing because he was SO overtired that he was fighting sleep...sometimes he would only get about 2hrs of sleep total during the day. I soothed him and lay him down...after 5 mins of crying (about a 1min of hard crying) he fell asleep and slept for a good 3 hrs straight. His sleep pattern has gotten better over the last few days (cross my fingers it lasts) and I think its because I have implemented a routine. He also gets 2 baths a day (one in the morning and one in the evening) and these help SO much in relaxing and calming him down.


tryingx3 - March 12

Our ped said she did not recommend to CIO until 6 mo.


Ciarasmom - March 12

I heard that you should not let your lo cry too long because it burns too many of those precious calories the need to put on weight. Only when they are around 6 months it is ok to let them cry a bit. I also read that if u let them cry they lose the trust/bond that you are trying to implement. They no longer feel that you will be there for them. My dd is not 10 weeks and I have not let her cry for more than a couple of mins. Now when she is crying I just have to talk to her and let her see me and she stops. I so far have given in to my dd and let her call the shots, but I'm going to start changing that when she is about 3-4months. I was reading the baby whisper book and she uses a Pick up put down method that she say works. What u do is when she is crying pick her up sooth her and as soon as she stops put her down. All the was down even if she starts crying again. Once she is down re-pick her up and sooth her again and continue untill she is calm in the crib. It said it could take 20min -1 1/2 before she calms down and you could pick her up over a hundred times but the next night it may only be 50 times of picking her up and the one after that 10 times. It says this teaches her to self sooth and put her self to sleep. The book also said not to start this untill 3 months because it could over stimulate them by picking them up and putting them down so much, but seeing that there is only 2 more weeks until she is, it is something to keep in mind. I'm going to give it a try when we start having her sleep on her own. Also it said not to leave the room until the baby is asleep and that if the baby is just a little fussy just lay your hand on her and talk to her so she knows you are there and she can trust that you will take care of her.


EricaLynn - March 13

Yes we have a swing, and some nights when its really bad she sleeps in it. But she will actually sleep longer in her crib. (will sleep apx 4 hours in the swing and 7 in the crib) The one time I did let her cry it out, was one of those times they just drive you crazy. I had to set her down in her crib and step away for a few minutes because she was driving me nuts. When I came back she was sound asleep. (about 5 minutes later) We have not taken her to a chiropracter and I am not sure one in our town would even see a baby. (I live in a small city in alaska) As for the cosleeping, the answer is kind of. We really dont want her to get in the habit of sleeping with us, so she has to start the night in her crib, but she usually falls asleep with me in the rocking chair or in our bed. Then when she wakes up in the morning she comes in bed to nurse and sleeps for a few more hours in our bed with us/me. She has been doing okay the past few nights, and I definitely do not like the CIO method, I am just about at my wits end some nights. She doesnt seem to have a problem gaining weight so far, at two months she weighed almost 14lbs! We tried the bath time bed time routine for a while but it didnt seem to do a whole lot of good, but I think we will try it again for longer and see if it helps. Thanks ladies so much for all the help and advice!!



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