People Are Quot Funny Quot About Breastfeeding Vent

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tryingx3 - March 14

We are onto our 6 month of bf - as you all know eating and taking bottles has been a challenge as has nighttimes for us. I don't care - it is worth it for me to do what I think is best for my dd. So...that being said...I have a cousin-in-law who said, so are you going to bottlefeed the next one? Let's see I am going on 6 months and not planning on stopping anytime soon - what do you think the answer will be! Argh! :-) Both of her children have been sick since birth - may or may not have been from being formula fed...but I don't bring that up!


kellens mom - March 14

People are so ignorant. I will say that I lied to my husband and told him that I plan to formula feed the next one because I am tired of being the only one up with a baby in the night. In reality, I know that I will nurse...but maybe not for as long.


kellens mom - March 14

About your "sick" comment: An acquantice had a child that was diagnosed with leukemia at 17 months of age. She formula fed him. She and her husband had another baby a month ago and she is b___stfeeding because she hopes it will boost immunity to diseases and illness. It is interesting to watch her grow into motherhood. She used to be so self-centered. Not to imply that formula feeding mom's are that way - but she said she didn't nurse because she could not imagine the "impacts" on her body. She is a bit of a goody two shoes. Anyway, I was glad to see her try it for her second child. She has really grown since the experience with the first child.


tryingx3 - March 14

I can only imagine that it will be harder with a toddler in the house, but if I am blessed with a second child, I'll definitely give it a shot! My husband says I have to now that I did the first one...says we can't have one smarter than the know the research that says bf babies score higher on IQ tests. ha ha BUT - as you have stated in other threads - each child is different, my next one might eat BIG meals and sleep through the night...I figure I will still be getting up with my first by then! ha ha


kellens mom - March 14

I had to laugh...If I am blessed with a second, I will likely still be up with the first too! Thanks for the chuckle!


Working_on_#2 - March 14

I have a 3 year old girl that was formula fed and she got pnemonia at 2 months old and I still blame myself for it. People say oh it could have happened either way which I do know that but still believe she would have not got it if I had b___stfed her. She has had a couple ear infections but not a HUGE amount so I am thankful for that. I am so afraid that one day she will get some kind of major sickness and I will alwyas blame myself. Well I am due for my c-section in two weeks and needless to say I am choosing to try b___stfeeding at least. I hope it works out for us although I do feel bad because I feel like I didn't give my first daughter the best but I am this one.


Mommy_to_be - March 14

I'm proud to say that I am b___st feeding. It makes me so mad when women say - "Oh it's just too painful, I couldn't handle it" - tough it up girl! It hurt like hell for the first couple weeks but I always kept in mind that b___st is best and haven't ever given her formula (dd is about 4 mo). My daughter did get a cold when she was about 3 months - it wasn't bad thankfully - but just bc you b___stfeed doesn't mean your baby won't get sick!


julie316 - March 15

my sister thinks I am crazy to still be b/f.. my son is going to be 1 on Friday.. I do plan to cut him off but I am too lazy to go all the way downstairs to get a bottle.. I probably will for a little while longer..


tinkri - March 15

I did not bf my first 2. I was 19 and 21 when they were born and I gave up within the first month with both of them. I felt so guilty, but really did not have the support (even though I was married) to keep it going through the pain and exhaustion. Ten years later, I have a 2 month old and because of the support I found on here (and maturity) I am still bf exclusively and loving it. I hope to make it to a year! One thing I did not count on is my husband being so concerned about some weirdo seeing my b___b. He is so funny when I nurse in public. He is very supportive of the bf, but when he is with me in public and ds needs to eat, he does everything humanly possible to keep me covered! It is the cutest thing!


kellens mom - March 15

On our local news, the veiwers get to submit and then select a topic they are interested in hearing more about. This week the viewing audience chose to hear about b___st public. I thought it was going to be a 2 minute bash session. I learned that this last year 77% of nebraska babies that were born were b___st feed. I was pretty impressed with that. Granted, I am sure they were not all bf until they were a year or so, but I was very impressed that so many moms were making an effort. A local dr. who is frequently on said "Give these women a break!" They also interviewed a local mom with two children that were nursed. The little 6 month old was so cute that you couldn't help but walk away with a smile...even my dh said "she's a cutie" He NEVER noticed little children before having Kellen. Anyway, I just thought I would share that it was a good story...even for our small towns cheesy news station.


hutcho1984 - March 15

What gets me is people who say b___st feeding is NOT natural!........ erm Hello? its the most natural thing in the world. I about choked when someone said that to me!. Nic xx


Steff - March 15

My step son was formula fed because his mother couldn't b___stfeed. He was always so sick, in and out of the children's hospital always on differnent meds. he was a preemie so maybe that had something to do with it. (I don't understand how people "can't" b___stfeed... isn't that what b___sts are designed for....?) Regardless, being a preemie, she should have tried harder. He is still sick all the time (like right now). I have a 2 month old daughter of my own now, who I nurse. We are all sick in the house and she doesn't even have the slightest sniffle... gotta love BF


Steff - March 15

Oh, I just wanted to mention... my dd is a puker so she has had formula. She'll eat and eat and be full (and me empty) and then BLAGH!!! So I have to supplement sometimes


Miriam - March 15

oh don't get me started. first of all, SOME women who bottlefeed resent the mothers who b___stfeed. it bothers them. either its because of guilt or because they find it disgusting (and that's why they are not doing it) or because of envy (if they couldn't for some reason). now those women try to show you how their way is better. oh you see i didn't have to get up at night. blah blah blah. the other day somebody made a comment about me nursing my 14 month old. whatever, let them think what they want. i know i'm doing the best for my baby. we are going to be done any day thougth becuase my son has truly lost interest. but its a very easy transition and not traumatizing on me or him. (when he got nipple confusion at 3.5 months, i was just falling apart.)


alverran - March 15

I must say, I have been VERY fortunate with bf. I never thought I go to 7 months and I am hoping up to a year. I am currently in Europe and most of the women here bf their babies, some until they are 5 years old. The surprising downside was when my dd was first born, I was not confident , but wanted to stick it out... I tried to contact the LLL leader here and was not successful, it was working, military mothers and this forum that really helped me out.


EricaLynn - March 15

I am very pround of myself and a good friend. Anyone who b___stfeeds should be pround of themselves because it isnt always easy at first. I am super happy though because we are both 19 years old. My daughter is 2 and 1/2 months and her son is 3 and 1/2 months. I just think we are cool because alot of teens dont b___stfeed because it does hurt at first, and I hated it at first! But now that we are over the hard part I totally love it! I love having food ready for her whenever and wherever we are. Nursing in public was a little akward the first time, but I am coordinated enough now that I can cover her face with my shirt and not flash my t_tty to everyone around. I will definitely nurse subsequent children and I am so happy I stuck with it. GOOD JOB to anyone and everyone who at least gave it a try!


Miriam - March 15

Oh and to Steff, some people actually can't. It could be because of a b___st reduction, b___st surgery that involved the nipple or there is one more condition that I don't recall the name off. But the percentage is very small. I think i heard a statistic that only 2% of women actually physically cannot b___stfeed. A lot of the women who say they couldn't only say that because they were not educted enough on the subject. it takes time for milk to come in and there is very little in the beginning. Some people a__sume that its not enough, its not coming fast enough, the baby is eating constantly (which is normal) so he must be starving.



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