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me - May 1

just had baby 2 mos ago... am loving it! I already want another one, i know its insane right?! anyway what are your thoughts on this: i am currently in recovery of an eating disorder i've had for about 5 yrs. it's tough and i know it will take a long time to get over. do you think it is a bad idea to have another one while i am dealing with this... or should i go for it??? thanks


A - May 1

I wanted another child after having my son, but my doctor suggested that I space them out so they are 18 months apart. She said it would be better for my body, I guess to fully recover and be ready to start again. So, you could wait until your baby is 6 months old and then start ttc your second baby. But there are plenty of people out there who have kids less than 18 months apart.


Maleficent - May 3

personally, i wouldn't do it if i was in your situation. you need to be healthy both mentaly and physically. i'd never risk my own health to have a child, especially now that i already have children who depend on their mommy.


Harry - May 4

I worked with a lady whose daughter was just like that. She just kept popping them out. She had 8 children in 8 yrs. She has a lot of physical problems now becasue it was a lot of stress on her body. Just be careful or it could be the same for you.


Nikki - May 7

I would DEFINATELY wait. Even if you were not in recovery from an eating disorder, you are still also in recovery from childbirth. It takes your body a while to recover from that. About the eating disorder...that kind of problem does not disappear overnight. Give your body a break, spend some time mothering this child before trying again for another one. Motherhood changes everything about life, you should give yourself some time to realize just how much life has changed and will continue to change from now on. Your baby will grow into a child and each stage of development holds new responsibilities for you. You should give yourself enough time to experience some of that before starting all over again.



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