Please Help Im Not Sure If Im Doing It Right

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Karen S - May 8

I have been a mom for almost 5 days now and br___t feeding wasn't bad in the begining but now Im in pain and Im not sure If Im doing it all right. At first before my milk came in I was feeding my son for like 45 min to an hour. Now that my milk had come in he feeds for like 5 min and goes back to sleep. Than he's up every hour trough the night only eating for like 5 to 10 min. Also my nipples aren't cracked or bleeding yet but are so soar. When he sucks on them Im like biting a recieving blanket because they hurt so bad. Any info would help please


krithi20 - May 8

Hi Karen, I have had the same problem too. I have been a mom now for the past 11 days. B4 my milk came in she wud nurse for even 2 hrs straight. But after that she wud only nurse for 5-10 mins and get up every 1/2 hr. The pain became too much to handle for me. So I gave her formula for one whole day. Put some lanolin on my nipples and areola, used a b___st shell to protect it from rubbing aginst my clothes, and then pumped milk the whole day. From the next day on, I again started b___stfeeding with no problems at all. I still use the b___st shells and lanolin though.


Karen S - May 8

I was thinking of going an getting a hand pump until I can get my electric one. Think that will help?


Susan W - May 9

Check your latch. Sometimes they start getting lazy, even this early. Make sure he opens wide and getting a good latch. I found Lansinoh cream very helpful and keeping my clothing away from my nipples. Also, Nipple B___ter helps a lot too. You could try a nipple shield too. Check out your local La Leche League group, as the leader may have some other suggestions. My concern is that pumping and bottlefeeding can cause you some problems -- we had problems after just ONE feeding! You can get through this.


Karen S - May 9

thanks susan what is a nipple shield? and how can you make him open his mouth bigger?


Susan W - May 10

You can buy a nipple shield at Target, Babies R U, places like that. It's a little silicone nipple shaped gizmo you put on over your nipple. You do have to watch that you don't become dependent on it -- take it off halfway through a feeding and after the soreness diminishes, don't use it every time. The problem with a nipple shield is it doesn't always fix the problem, which is why a lot of lactation consultants don't like them. To help him open wide, I just watched to see when he opened his mouth widest and then very quickly slapped him on, aiming my nipple at the back of his mouth and sort of rolling him on. But your LLL leader probably can show you some tricks, or you might be able to find an article at the LLL website ( I know there's a really good one there about how to get a good latch. Also try


Karen S - May 10

Thanks So Much:)



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