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Karen S - May 31

For the past 3 nights, my son has been so upset between the times of 7pm til 10 pm. It has happened at the same time for the past 3 nights. If I put him in the bathroom and run the shower the noise calms him down a bit but after awhile he crys again. Last night we put him in his crib and let him cry for 5 min and then went and got him when he didn't settle down and he went right to sleep in my arms. He must have worn himself out. He is 4 weeks old today and before the past 3 nights he's been great but why between these times? Any suggestions or reasons why this is happening? Also I have been giving him gas drops too. He also wont nurse from me between those times but nurses fine during the night and during the day. He will only take a bottle between 7-10. Please help


Karen S - May 31

Also when he does eat he is only eating for like 10 minutes and then goes back to sleep. Is that bad? His weight is great though


janelle - June 1

Hello Karen I had a little bit of the same problem with my girl when she was 3weeks old it happened every night between 9and 10 and lasted almost an hour I called it the witching hour. According to my mom she tells me baby's generally have a fussy time of day and his just happens to be then. When I tried to nurse her during this time she was really aggressive and almost tore my nipple off so I started to give her the soother during this time and when she started to relax I would let her nurse again. She is now 8 weeks old and has seemed to grow out of it she has not acted like that for at least 3 weeks but I used to dread that time of night. If his weight is great do not even worry nurse on demand good luck to you.


Susan W - June 1

Yep, every baby has a period during the day where they are fussiest. My DS was fussiest between 4-10 PM :(( Some doctors think it's because they are responding to the stimulation they get all day by fussing a bit, some more than others. Mine was so fussy that we realized something was wrong and turned out he had acid reflux. I found letting him cry made it worse - - a lot worst. Some of these babies just get more worked up if you let them cry, and then you have a devil of a time trying to calm them down. Try wearing your baby in a sling; once I started wearing the baby more than letting him sit somewhere, the fussiness decreased -- he just wanted to be with me. We also did a lot of driving in the car during that fussy time, walking outside, standing next to the dryer while it's on (some people put the baby in a bouncy seat and hold it on top the washer or dryer), turning on a hairdryer, so forth. Nothing helped us consistently, but we tried lots of things. As far as the not wanting to nurse . . .hmm. I'd try calming him down first, like by turning on the shower and then nursing in the bathroom while he's calm. . .. It does generally resolve within a few weeks, and many doctors think that's when the baby can block out some of the stimulus. It's the sensitive and aware babies who do this, imho, and eventually this is something you will be grateful for. My 21 month old is very sensitive to others' needs now, and I attribute that to us taking care of his needs first, even though that frequently meant putting my needs second. It's been worth it, although at times I wanted to give the kid away! Hang in there. You are doing just fine.


Susan W - June 1

Oh gosh, how could I have forgotten?! Check out the book "The Fussy Baby." Literally saved our lives when DS was about 3 months old and we'd been dealing with fussiness from about 14 days and I was ready to run away! I've seen it in a few bookstores, and I know it's online too.


Mel907 - June 22

Check out the book and/or video The Happiest Baby On The Block by Harvey Karp!


danikell - July 9

Karen, please know that your baby will go through 8 developmental stages in 14 months. Usually around 5, 8, 12, 19, 26, 37, 46 and 55 weeks. They are called the Wonder Weeks. Babies will get fussy during this time because they are learning knew things such as smiling, hand coordination, they see better, smell better, taste new things etc. Once this period starts they seem to take a step back in their development and wanting to go back to mom. They sleep worse, seem to want to suckle on the b___b all the time without seeming to be getting full and are an outright monkey all around. Our daughter went through her first unsettled period around 4 weeks for a week and she is 7 weeks now and I can see the next growth spurt coming along. Check out Plooij/Vanderijt "Wonder weeks". Or find information on the web about these periods. This book saved my life and I can only recommend it to every mom.


sahmof3 - July 9

Great books mentioned above!! Yes, they all have their witching hour(s)... it doesn't last long!



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