Poo Stains Out Of Clothes

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BeckyM - June 6

I was wondering what everyone does to get poo out of baby's clothes? Sometimes when she has a blowout it doesn't all come out....I use a Shout stain stick, and if it's not too bad, it comes out, but the worse ones don't.


Ginny - June 6

I didn't believe this one would work when I first heard it, but I was surprised. Just put the clothes out in the sun for a couple of hours after they've been washed, and the stains fade away.


BeckyM - June 6

I knew to do that with diapers, but I wasn't sure about clothes. I will try it and see if the colors fade as well. Thanks!


kellens mom - June 6

i love baby oxyclean. i use the powder but saw that walmart has liquid. powder is avaiable at target. you must soak in hot water. nasty stains may have to be treated two times (hot water). I will let stuff soak for several hours. good luck!


J - June 6

Dishsoap! I Guess it cuts the grease?


Susan W - June 7

I found Shout to not work well on the b__wouts. I use Zout instead. And the Oxyclean worked well in conjunction, in warm to hot water (if the item would handle it) and I soaked as long as overnight. I don't think I lost any baby clothes -- only until DS became a toddler and started eating solids (imho, another reason to postpone solids!). Dishsoap also worked pretty well! I use cloth diapers, and laying them out wet in the sun works very well. It would probably be OK for clothing as long as it's not done all the time. I grew up in the southwest, and we hung clothes out all the time and only had fading if they were left out for several days, and the sun there was intense. I have found on white items (NO color) lemon juice and sunning is amazing.


cab - June 9

vinegar- I treat my baby clothes like cloth diapers. I even tried vinegar to get a coffee stain out of a light colored carpet and it worked wonders. The sun to dry works well. and i also like oxy-clean.


C - June 10

Dreft makes a wonderful spray bottle stain remover. I buy it at either Wal-Mart or Target. Now that my son is older I have found it doesn't do the best on dirt stains but poop or food I think it's the best.


KLT - June 16

Haven't really gone thru this yet...but my husband has a 5 year old son who...well, sometimes doesn't wipe his b___t all too well and leaves mega poo stains on his undies. We just throw them out. I know, this is probably a waste of money...and don't get me wrong, we aren't rich by any means...but a 3 pack of undies isn't that costly and i'm just not going to sit there all morning scrubbing his poo out of his pants!


emmasmom - June 18

I use really warm water and Dreft stain spray. Get the clothes wet and rinsed, add the spray and scrub a bit. It seems to work the best for our b__wouts, smells nice too!


Yodergoat - June 19

I also use the Dreft stain remover. None of my 3 month old's clothes are stained, luckily... since I ALWAYS treat the poop with Dreft. If it's going to be a while before I wash, I spray it with Dreft then rinse it well with warm water, then spray again and throw in the hamper. Additionally, my family, who all formula-fed their children, are amazed that Gail's clothes aren't stained from spit-up like their babies' clothes... they didn't realize that b___stmilk spit-up doesn't turn yellow like formula. They are continually impressed that her clothes are unstained by poo or spit-up!



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