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shanaleigh - February 2

One week ago I delivered my little girl via emergency c-section at 24 weeks. She only weighs 13 ozs. I am trying to br___tfeed her because it would be the best thing for her at this point. However, because she is so small and still in the NICU, I am having to pump. My milk is coming in very slowly. I dont know if this is due to the fact that I am not around her and unable to nurse her at all or what. Does anyone have any experience with pumping for a preemie?


olivia - February 2

I don't have experience pumping for a preemie but can't the hospital nurses help you at all? Did they rent you a hospital grade pump to get your milk coming? You should be pumping fairly often at this point, I know it is awkward to be pumping but she needs you. Please talk to the nurses and see what they suggest. You can ask for a lactation nurse to guide you if your hospital has one. Good luck to you and your little one. It will all be worth it when you can hold her in your arms and know you did your best for her. You should pump 20 minutes at least every 2 hours to get your milk coming with a newborn so maybe that schedule could help get your started.


sha__leigh - February 3

Yes, I do have a pump. I have the Medela Pump in Style. I have been pumping every 3 hours. I think I will start trying the the 20 minutes every two hours and see if that helps. How long does it normally take for your "milk to come in"?


mjvdec01 - February 4

The milk you are producing is called premilk, it is much higher in fat content than colostrum and the b___stmilk that is produced after a full term baby is born. Because your lo is so early you won't produce much, however, it is very important that your baby get all that you do get. I would sc___p the pump you have and rent one from the hospital, talk to the NICU nurses about it, or your OB. I will keep you and your little one in my thoughts.


olivia - February 4

The Medela pump is very good, so hold on to it because you'll need it later even if you do rent a hospital pump. With a preemie and exclusive pumping it can take a while for your milk to come in. The frequency and length of pumping is the key to getting it going, so keep up your pumping and do increase it to the 2 hrs/ 20 minutes. You can take a little break (3 hours) to sleep but try to keep at it until your milk comes. It usually takes 5-7 days but your delay probably due to the extreme early factor and probably your extreme stress of having a baby so early. If it helps ask a nurse if she can give you a blanket the baby has been sleeping on, maybe being able to smell her will help your milk come even if you can't hold her yet. I have been thinking about you and your little one a lot this weekend. I hope you are doing okay. Have you been able to pump enough colostrum for the nurses to give her? Did they give you any advise?


rj80 - February 15

I had a smiliar situation to you but not as extreme. Went into premature labor at 35w (thought it was a bad back due to new car but that's another story). Anyway, she was too poorly and weak to feed and I didn't have any milk to begin with either. So they gave me a pump and I just set to it. Eventually it came in and they swapped her tube feeds from NICU formula to my b___stmilk. I had to stay in longer than normal because I was so determined to feed her myself rather than by bottle. When she was a bit stronger I tried at every opportunity to put her near my b___st or the nurse or my husband would tube feed her whilst I held her on my chest. Eventually we moved togther into a transitional ward which was still kept close watch by NICU. I had to 'prove' I could feed her before I could go home. The best thing I found was to lie with her next to me and get one of the nurses to help me. After 2 days of that she got the idea and we got to go home. She's now 19w and is doing really well. She went from being the smallest at our postnatal group to looking perfectly normal now. Whatever you don't use in the hospital take home and stick in your freezer - very handy! Oh and to get it all flowing sit next to her and pump or even just think of her that will help too. Your milk will take a few days to come in but it's all going to be worth it I promise. It was bloody hard work but I love bf now! Good luck.


krc - February 16

im glad you asked this! My friend just had an emergency c-section for twins at only 29 weeks pregnant! She is also pumping and like you she doesn't get much but thats because it's colostrum, her actual milk hasn't come in yet. She's been pumping for a week ( they were delivered on monday). The nurses told her to pump every 2-3 hours as if she was nursing them to help stimulate the milk glands and whenever possible to be at the hospital with them since physical bonding can also help stimulate milk to come in! Good luck !



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