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sharam25 - October 15

Hello I just had a quick question..... I dont know if this is suitable but i was wondering ... Okay I have a 10 month old that i br___tfeed, pretty much on demand, she gets baby food and biscuts threw out the day aswell, I have still not recieved a period since the birth and i've had unprotected s_x a couple times I was wondering If i could still get Pregnant again? or if there is no way? what would the chances be?


britt_m - October 15

Your chances are less than if you weren't bfing. But unfortunately as they eat more solid foods and drinks, they start nursing less and less. On average if they eat every two to four hours around the clock (even at night) then its suppose to help keep you from ovulating thus preventing pregnancy or a period. But everybody is different. You could definately get pregnant again. My ds is almost 3 weeks and dd is 16 months, got pregnant when she was 9 months. He came early thats why dates don't measure up. I bf until she was 12 1/2 months, at 20 weeks pregnant your milk changes more to colostrum. She didn't like the change so she self-weaned.


Mama_Raisor - January 14

You most certainly CAN get pregnant while b___stfeeding! I have a 10 month old son who b___stfeeds every 4 hours round the clock. Sometimes if i'm lucky he'll skip a night time feeding. I knew I wanted to have more kids but I thought b___stfeeding would ensure that I didn't get pregnant until I weaned him. The positive pregnancy test I got last week is proof that you can get pregnant even while b___stfeeding. So unless you want to have another one fairly soon I wouldn't chance it.


Guest - January 19

yes you can get pregnant while b___stfeeding. I currently am and I am also b___stfeeding.


miamia - March 12

yep, my dd is 13 months and im 6 months preggo



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