Pregnancy Symptoms

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maddiesmom - June 5

Hi! My dd is 13 weeks old, and I am br___tfeeding and pumping at work. She does take a pacifier, and I do supplement at times. So, LAM is not for me. My hubby will not use a condem and we had unprotected s_x 6/1. My period has not returned either. My question is when I woke up, I had that sedated tired feeling like I got when pregnant with my daughter-and it wasn't because my baby hadn't slept. And, my nipples started bothering me out of the blue! Could I be experiencing pregnancy symptoms this soon after conception if I'm pregnant? Oh, and my daughter has started fussing at the br___t today! Maybe hormone changes? What do you all think? I know it'll be a while before I can test.


Susan W - June 7

Possibly hormonal, possibly pregnancy. Yeah, LAM won't be reliable for you right now :(( I used LAM for quite a while, which was really nice. . .. It would be early for a new pregnancy, but possible. I know a mom who ovulated when her first baby was just 10 weeks old despite nursing at the b___st exclusively! So it could even be you are ovulating now, or getting ready to, and are not pregnant, or your hormones are fluctuating, which they can do for a number of months before you actually ovulate. . . . A couple things you could do: have your doctor check your HCG level here in a few days. It should be <5, compatible with the non-pregnant state. Anything else, and you wonder. Or you could wait until the 14th or so and do an hpt with a pretty sensitive test and then another a few days later in case implantation is later than 14 days or so post conception. . . . While your DH won't use a condom, you could ask your doctor or midwife about a cervical cap or diaphram, or even see if the sponge is around, or you could learn NFP if you aren't pregnant again already and aren't ready for another baby. Good luck. I'll be interested to hear what you find.


Susan W - June 7

Oh, and any of that could cause your baby to start fussing at the b___st if your milk is changing flavor. Or it could be something you ate :)


C - June 9

The chances are low but not impossible. You'll just have to wait and take a test in a few weeks. I'm not sure how quickly those test are accurate after conception.


Susan W - June 10

If she conceived around the 1st, I'd say 14 days later *may* be accurate. But waiting until 17-19 days would be even better, which is why I recommend a second test a few days later. Conception can also happen up to 5 days after the s_xual encounter if cervical mucus is hanging around. . . It also depends on the sensitivity of the test. Some detect down to 20 IU of HCG, which is the amount produced pretty early after implantation. Before implantation, you won't get a positive test. Implantation happens around 7-14 days for many women. . . . I learned all this stuff when dealing with a miscarriage :(( and I knew about CM from doing NFP for years for prevention of pregnancy.


C - June 14

I took one of those test that is supposed to detect the pregnancy hormone really early and it said I wasn't pregnant. I took it the day my period was due. A week later I took another because I never got my period and it was positive with a very faint line. I said I'll never waste my money on an early pregnancy test again. How are you feeling maddiesmom? Anymore symptoms?


maddiesmom - June 14

I'm not sure when to test since I have no idea where I am in my cycle or lack thereof. Should I just go ahead and do one?


Susan W - June 18

Sorry for the delay .. . crisis with one of my horses and have been out of town ,. . .. I'd probably do one here in the next few days and then again in a week or so just to make sure it's negative. And no more unprotected s_x unless you are ready for another baby :) or have learned NFP :) How are you feeling?



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