Pregnant While Breastfeeding

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Mae - January 11

Hi Ladies, Has anyone gotten pregnant when they were still br___tfeeding? What symptoms did you notice?? I have an 8 mo old b/f, and think I might be preg. again.. Thanks!


ann - January 11

hi. i b___stfeed and bottle but i think i might be pregnant. i had my period last month and now im a week late. ive had some slight spotting for 3 weeks now, even feeling like my period is gonna start any minute, and it never comes. im not real worried because i know b___stfeeding can mess your cyles up, but i just had a baby 2 1/2 months ago. how has your period been thus far?


To Mae - January 11

You can become pregnant while bf, but not as likely as using formula. My sil is pregnant and nursing. I'm not sure about her symptoms, sorry.


Mae - January 12

I have had my period for three months now (basically since we started solid food-i started my periods again)..but they are fairly regular....I just try to remember what it felt like before, but sypmtoms are less noticeable while you're b/f...


katie - January 12

i b___stfed and never got my period at all. just wasn't feeling well one day (dd was 9 months old) and took a test just out of curiousity. lo and behold, we were pregnant. ultrasound at the doctor said it wasn't that early either - 14 weeks!!! so, i had no symptoms at all. not even a late period.


Ginny - January 12

Wow, Katie, I guess it's been years since you've had a period! I have to admit that I had honestly forgotten about them : )


Faiths mommy - January 12

Katie were you on b/c? I am on the mini pill I have not gotten my period yet my dd is almost 6 mnths old. When I was pregnant with my dd I did not have any symptoms, I did not even get morning sickness, the only thing I got were bigger areolas and laer in my pregnancy I would gag when I would brush my teeth, I am scared I may be pregnant and still take my b/c pill and something would happen to the baby, as of right now I don't think I am but I may geta test just to ease my mind. It took us 10 years to get pregnant and it would be great to get pregnant again so fast but it was not planned we plan on waiting until she is at least 1 year before trying again.


Tati - January 12

Mae b/f no longer works for birth control. My mother in law used to b/f her kids until 3 years old and didn't get pregnant. Not me my first daughter was 11 months and I only b/f and I got pregnant, My second daughter was 16 months and also only b/f and I got pregnant with my third. This time I wont count on it. Mae and ann good luck if you are.



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