Pumping How Soon Do You Start

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Jennifer123 - May 22

I want to pump instead of br___tfeed. I'm not due until Christmas but had questions for those of you out there who pump now. Do they teach you at the hospital how to pump? I konw it's very demanding but I would much rather do this than take the convenient route w/ formula.


Jenn2 - May 22

I am 38 weeks pregnant with my first child, and while I dont have any personal experience with pumping (yet)...I have done allot of asking around and research on the topic. I too want to pump allot.....simply b/c I dont like the idea of having to have my baby suck on my b___st constantly, yet I want her to have the benfits of b___st milk. I was told that you can start pumping once your milk comes in after birth (usually 2 to 3 days after birth). I bought the medelia pump in style.....which is expensive, but supposed to be worth it if you are going to pump allot. I am going to try to pump once in the morning, and once in the afternoon (on both sides). so that should yield about 4 bottles/day.....and then eventually I will give her bottles during the day, and let her b___st feed at night......when it will be more convienient than having to warm a bottle in the middle of the night. I would like to feed her b___st milk (solely) for the first 3 to 4 months, and then I will start mixing b___st milk and formula for several more months (hopefully). anyway, I hope some of this helps you.


MichelleB - May 22

Hello Jennifers. You need to breasfeed or pump often in teh beginning to get your milk in. Breastfeeded apparently works best. Noone showed me how to pump, but it really is just how you imagine it. The machine is a little confusing at first to set up, but once you do, its great. Pumping is VERY time consuming, mainly because you have to pump for 20-40 minutes, then you still have to feed your baby, which takes 20-40 minutes, but if you are committed you can do it. Good luck.


Jenn2 - May 23

MichelleB- just curious...which pump do you use? I have heard that if you get a medela electric (like the pump-in style advanced)...it only takes about 10 to 15 min......unless you are having milk production problems? It probably depends on the type of pump you use, and each woman is different with milk production.


karine - May 23

my daughter is 2weeks and 2days old. i also have decided that pumping would be best for me. i to dont feel that comfterbale with b___stfeeding, especially that i have a homedaycare...and i would not feel that comfterbale around the other 2-4yrs old's. So i b___stfeed her in the morning and in the evening after her bath (it soothes her) and then i pump day/night. during the day you should pump every 2-3hrs to bring your supply up, during the night you can go a little longer. its VERY hard the first couple of weeks...but iam at 2weeks now...and its almost part of my routine...and it's not so bad anymore. i can pump 2-4ounces every 2hrs!!! (wich is more than enough for my little girl, and i get to freeze the rest) i had problems before...but i realized my pump wasnt the idea one for me..i baught another one and its mcuh much better. the hospital didnt teach me how to pump. they tough me how to get my little girl to latch on (wich didnt work very long, cause she refuses most of the time )


Mommy_Erin23 - May 25

Pumping with no feeding at all is so much harder. You may like b___stfeeding. I didn't think I would and I rather enjoyed it, but sadly my first child hated to feed so I pumped for four months. It was so time consuming and my milk eventually wouldn't keep up and started to dry up. This is mainly because most pumps are (including some of the expensive electrics) are only made for occasional use. My best advice would be for you to spend the 200.00 some odd dollars for the really good hospital quality machine. It will save you in the long run. As for use, it's pretty simple and you should start pumping as soon as your babe is born. They will show you in the hospital but you should be just fine. Good Luck and don't be afraid of formula. Its not as great as mummy milk but it is still good stuff and you will be of a lot more use to your baby if you are not stressed out more then you need to be.


Renee-Marie - May 25

I had my son on Mothers day. that night, the nurse came in wtih the pump to show me how to use it. She said if I was going to pump, it's best to start doing so within 24 hours of hte birth. Honestly, the hospital grade pump was not as comfortable as the Medela. If you are going to pump, I would say to spend the money on the Medela because after all, if you are not comfortable (if it hurts) you're not going to use it no matter how cheap it was. Also, (you might be happy to know this) Lots of insurance companies cover the cost of these pumps. Mine did. Call your ins. carrier. You may be pleasantly surprised. Best of luck to you.



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