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20maddie - February 1

Has anybody had to pump at work? If so where do you go and does your employer have a problem with it.


eliz24 - February 1

I work two days a week in an office and I asked my boss where I could pump and she told me I coukd use the stockroom....it's okay,there's a big comfy chair in there and a do not disturb sign to put on the door. I think most companies are required to have somewhere where a woman can go to use her b___st pump.


kellens mom - February 2

I work 5 days a week, so I have to pump at work. I just approached it in a "Matter of Fact" way with the office staff. I said at a staff meeting, "if you see this door closed, do not immediately open it or you will see me taking care of my Mom duties". At first I had to pump three times a day and then I got good at it so I can now pump 2 times a day. I store my milk in the office fridge in the door. No one has said a word. I will say that I am very fortunate because I work with people who have kids of their own. I think on a certain level, they can relate. Be open...be honest..be up-front about your needs. Have confidence that all will work out. I will also say that I do not take other breaks and I tend to take a shorter lunch then I used to because I do know that it takes me a while to pump. Sometimes I stay a few minute extra. Mind you, I don't count the minutes...I just try not to take advantage of the system.


spamanda - February 2

I pump at work, twice a day. We have a room next to our HR offices with a door that locks -- they use it for testing and interviews. Unfortunately I work for a big corporation and we don't have very many "real" walls without windows, lol! Also when that room is full (there are 3 nursing moms right now) one of the HR women lets us use her office. Good luck! Your employer can't have TOO much of a problem with it, I believe they are required to let you.


punkin01 - February 4

i only work 2 days a week and where i sit there is no privacy and i get no breaks there is no one to take my place for 5-30 min while i pump and i know my employer will not accomidate me because he told one of the guys that he moved suddenly to 1st shift without warning from 3rd shift that in this line of workd you shouldnt have kids....and the guy just asked for a doy or so to make child care arrangements and this boss hates kids he and his wife divorced because she was mid to late 30's wanting a baby and he didnt and i want to BF this baby so bad but i am not seeing a way to do it


spamanda - February 4

In the United States I believe your employer is required to give you a certain number of breaks, depending on how long your shift is. The La Leche League website has a lot of info about working and b___stfeeding and it's well worth looking at. Good luck!


meg - February 4

I teach school & was very worried about when/where I would pump. We definitely do not have anywhere "nice" to pump! After my kids go to lunch, I just lock my cla__sroom door & sit at a desk in the corner & pump away. It only takes about 10 minutes...thank goodness since my lunch is only 25 minutes long! It has actually worked out much better than I thought!


Tony Castro LUVS Hitler - February 4

do it in the break room for everyone to see, alot of times guys will throw you singles.its awesome


punkin01 - February 4

spamanda i understand what you are saying but i work at a police dept as a dispatcher so i am in public view and have a window where the public can come to make complaints or make bonds and so on....officers are always in and out and i cant say i need to pump at this time and walk away i am the only person to answer the phones and radio....and i dont get breaks they way they see it is like now i am not busy so i can watch tv play on internet or what ever but i must stay in the dispatch area incase the phone rings or officer calls on radio or citizen comes in off the street the first 2 hrs of my shift today was quiet and then i was BUSY for a while and it quite again so while i have time to goof off and play on puter i dont have anyone to watch the phones and radio while i go pump ////and tony i know i shouldn't even justify you with a comment but you are sick



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