Pumping At Work

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letgo0527 - June 23

I plan to go back to work when my son is about 3 months old. But for the first few weeks of his life im planning on br___tfeeding exclusively, no bottles no formula. But Im worried that he will never take a bottle because he will want the br___t instead. Has anyone had this problem. What did you do?? What is baby supposed to eat if he wont take a baba and mom is at work??? Im just concerned about it. Even though ds isnt due for 2 weeks. Any advice??


Jamie - June 23

Give him a bottle a week. If you plan on having him drink formula at daycare, have that bottle be a bottle of formula. I did not give my daughter either a bottle or formula, and as a result, she has always refused both. My next baby, I'll do exactly as I just told you.


^lucy^ - June 23

yeah,, do like jamie told u to do.. im as well b/f exclusively but give my baby b___st milk in a bottle once a day at night so her daddy gives it to her.. she takes it with no problems.. but im going back to work in 2 weeks,, my dd will be 6 weeks then, so i thought about familiarizing her with formula milk since i wont be able to be with her for more than 10 hrs cz of work timings.. she refused the formula in bottle at first.. she hated it and i threw away the first few bottles each time i did it for her.. now she's getting used to it.. im glad i started it early with her cz it'll be difficult to discover that she hated it after i go to work.. i wont be able to do anything by then.. however, i only give her formula once a week and i have someone else feed it to her so she could take it.. she wants only my b___st if i try :) GL


Ginny - June 24

I let my baby try the bottle(br-milk) at 2 weeks, just to see what happened. Her daddy gave it to her and I went into another room so that she couldn't smell me and want to refuse the bottle. She didn't like it at first, but then we warmed it some more and she took it just fine. After she drank about an ounce, I offered her my nipple to make sure she wouldn't turn me down and she didn't. We gave her a bottle once a day after that, and she's still doing great 4 months later.



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