Pumping Exclusively

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Lory - January 4

Hi ladies. I just had my baby a week ago today. I am all for br___tfeeding, and have wanted to do it from the very beginning. I had preeclampsia and was on meds when he was born that made him drowsy, and he had to have an MRI 2 days after he was born, so he was sedated for that. This made feeding the first few days difficult. He would just fall asleep and not latch on. I am NOT supplementing with formula. The hospital set me up with a double electric br___t pump. I have really grown comfortable with this. He feeds so well from the bottle, his daddy is able to feed him, and he is still getting the br___t milk he needs. My question is...Is it possible to pump exclusively? My goal was to br___tfeed for at least 6 months. Do you think this is possible to do just by pumping?


jg - January 4

It sure is. In the thread "Anyone pumping but not b___stfeeding" I wrote about my friend who did exactly that. Others have written their experiences too - it's worth a read.


JL - January 4

I b___stfed exclusively for almost 6 weeks and now have been pumping exclusively 6x per day. It's a real pain in the neck as far as time goes because you have to pump and then also feed. But I commend you for being so dedicated!


C - January 7

It's possible if you don't mind pumping that often.


Lory - January 7

How often should I pump to maintain my milk supply?


lilli - January 8

You should pump atleast 7 times per day. If you dont, you will start to lose your milk supply like I am. Try to pump every 3 hours and drink a gallon of water per day. Good Luck.


Kris10 - January 14

I pump exlusively and do so every 3-4 hrs during the day, and then only once at nightime. My milk supply has remained consistent - even when going up to 6hrs without pumping at night time.


Kris10 - January 14

p.s. and if you start to notice your supply decreasing, you can just increase pumping frequency


AutumnsMommy - January 16

Lory, It is possible for sure. I know a girl who is currently doing this for her baby. It may be a bit easier for you to try to get him to latch on, but if you don't mind pumping, then there shouldn't be a probem. Just remember to eat well, get plenty of rest, drink lots of water, and pump frequently. You are doing a great thing in providing b___stmilk for your baby!!



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