Pumping Issues Anyone Else

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Jodie - November 25

My milk came in 2 days ago and I was trying to pump. I bought a nice pump that cost about $250 and for some reason it seems to take forever to pump. It took like 10 minutes to get 1 oz. I was wondering if i might have a faulty pump or if it just takes some time?


lisa - November 26

my baby is three weeks im still not great at it, but know that it takes a while, do it for over 10 mins, to start with nothing came out of me, also do it in bath it comes more as your warm and morning time when you prob have most milk


Christy - November 26

Bummer- Do you have to pump so soon for a special reason, like you have a preemie or are sick or engorged or something? I think your pump is okay but you may want to wait a couple weeks until your supply is more established, if you can. If you are doing it for engorgement, then you probably don't need to pump out that much anyway. I decided to try a manual pump first and used it for the first time yesterday. My son will be three weeks old on Monday. I got 1.5 oz out of one b___st in 10 minutes yesterday, and 2 oz between two b___sts in 8 minutes today. I think you just need to give it time. Do you have a time of day your b___sts are fuller? I am pretty engorged in the mid-morning and get more milk when I pump then.


Heidi - November 27

Just wait a little longer. I'm at 6 wks and if I pump right away in the morning without feeding Emma I can get almost 5 oz per b___st. Your milk will start to build up more. Just follow the instructions in your manual about pumping and when you should and you'll start getting more milk. I barely got any that early either.


pbj - November 27

I have been unable to bf, I have flat nipples and so my daughter just won't latch on. I have begun to pump in the hopes that eventually here in a few weeks I will be able to pump enough to feed her exclusively b___st milk. Friends who have bf said that it takes a while to pump since the pump has a different sucking action than bf does. One friend told me it took her 6-7 times pumping to really see anything significant and that also the best time to pump is after your baby has nursed. I'm sure your pump is fine it just takes time. Good luck


Lavinah - January 30

Try the Avent Isis hand pump. The thing is a miracle! I can get more out with that little hand pump than I can with an electric pump.


Sarahsmommy - January 31

Have you tried the nipple shields I think they are called. I have heard a lot of people say it helped there baby latch on. Also if you are stressed or tense about pumping, it will make it more difficult.


Trac - January 31

Don't give up. I had a really hard time pumping in the beginning, too. It took me trying several times to get anything at all. Now that my baby is a little older and my supply is really built up, I don't have any trouble. I do have to wait at least 3 hours after feeding in order to get 4 ounces on each side. I have the Avent Isis hand pump and it's great. I've also heard that to help stimulate the let-down you should have a picture of your baby if you aren't with your baby. I have found I get more if I sit in his room to pump - weird but true. I've also heard the shields are good for flat/inverted nipples. Good luck.


KrYstaL - January 31

i have been b___stfeeding for 4. 5months now and sometimes i still don't get anything. other times i will get about 7-8 ozs. you probably won't have the much milk right away, but if you keep pumping you will get more. try pumping for 20 mins. soemtimes my milk doesn't let down till a little after 10 mins into the session. sometimes it only takes about a minute. try relaxing and deep breathing and think about your baby. this will help letdown. also try not to focus on the bottle. watch tv or read a magazine. and if possible try pumping one side while baby feeds on the other.


C - January 31

I waited until I went back to work to pump because my son nursed a lot the first 6 weeks. I really didn't feel like pumping after nursing him all day. After you pump for awhile and have a routine, you'll be able to pump more out.



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