Pumping Issues Please Help

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Jodie - November 30

I bought a medela pump and style and for some reason I don't think it's working right. My baby is 11 days old and he seems to eat just fine. But when I go to pump the milk barely covers the bottom of the bottle after 10 minutes. Do you think my pump is faulty or will it just take awhile to get more milk. I am not sure how hard it is supposed to suck but it seems like it barely does. If anyone has any input please help!!


Jamie - November 30

Check to see if it's fitted right on your b___st...there needs to be suction. Also, pumps are not nearly as efficient as babies. Do you feel a letdown while pumping? If not, try pumping one side while nursing your son on the other; or pump while holding your son. When do you pump? Is it immediately after he eats? If so, your b___sts have been emptied by him and need a little bit to refill. HTH


Stephanie - November 30

Jodie the same thing happened with me. When and how often are you pumping your milk?


KFish - November 30

Are you pumping after feeding? Or are you just pumping to get milk for feeding? If it is after feeding, your son might have finished it all. If you are just pumping, are you letting down? If not, are you tense when you try to pump? I found out that at work, it was harder for me to let down when i pumped. I found that if I closed my eyes and did slow, deep breaths, my body relaxed and I was able to let down. You might also want to bring some warming packs to put around your b___sts to help stimulate the let down. When I was at home and I pumped, I found that a hot shower helped. You also may find that ma__saging the b___sts might help also. With my medela pump, I always set it on the highest level. I hope this helps.


Jodie - November 30

I pump like 2 hours after he eats on the opposit b___b he ate on. I have only tried it a couple of times. I just want to pump so my hubby can help with the night time feedings. I also put it on full blast...but it just doesn't suck so well. Thanks for all the input. I will try to heat them suckers up while pumping.


Heidi - December 1

I have the same pump and it's very likely you won't get much that early on. Another thing, if you're just pumping one b___st are you covering the hole with that deal? I know you can on mine but if you don't cover the extra hole you won't get any suction. You also need to adjust the settings on it to pump harder. I usually have mine on two or three but if I'm in a hurry, five. Then I have the other one turned up all the way. You should only be pumping after you've nursed. You're probably not going to get much just yet but the more you try the quick you'll produce more.


Christy - December 1

When are you pumping? The morning tends to be the best time because that is when your body produces the most milk.


lisa - December 1

get in bath and do it, it takes me a good 5-10 mins gentle pumping before the milk starts flowing


KFish - December 1

my lactation nurse reported that if you only feed on one side, that would limit your milk supply and that the way you start weaning is just to feed on one side at a time. I stimulate more milk, I recommend that you feed on both sides and then pump afterwards.


April - December 2

Also there is a small piece of rubber about the size of a dime that has to be inside for it to work properly. I couldn't figure out why mine wasn't working and that was why. If that's not it I would try pumping while you nurse that is how I get the most milk. Good luck!


Jodie - December 7

So my pump was busted!!! I took it apart and messed around with it...then tried again and it sucks like there's no tomorrow!!! Thanks for all the input though!!!!!!!



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