Pumping Milk Does It Hurt

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Carly XxX - January 21

hi. i am 100% set on br___tfeeding but i know its not always that simple. my sister couldnt br___tfeed as it was just so painful an i know of others who have had trouble too. my question is, if you cannot br___tfeed because it hurts will it hurt to pump? im just so terrified that i wont be able to give my baby br___t milk. i am just over 36 weeks at the moment, should i have noticed any leaking of colostrum yet? i havent noticed anything. they feel a little more sensitive this past week but thats it. any other br___tfeeding advbice you could give me would be great thanks. has anyone used the Avent Isis pump? is it good? thank you. best wishes x


Regina - January 22

Carly, congrats on your impending arrival!! My dd is now 7 mos, and I am still b-feeding. I also work full time, so I have a lot of experience with pumping. My lo had a great latch from the get-go, so I never really had a whole lot of pain. I will tell you that the pump is not as easy on the b___st as the baby is, so to answer your question, I would think it would be about the same (meaning if one hurt so would the other). My experience now is that my dd never hurts me when she latches, but occasionally the pump is a bit of a discomfort at first. Once the milk starts flowing, it's okay. Hope this helps.


eclipse - January 22

Carly, Congratulations and way to go on considering b___stfeeding. In my experience, I had more luck with pumping than b___stfeeding, but my ds had problems from the get go and would bite, slide around, etc. so I had cracked nipples, etc. I utilized our hospital's lactation consultant many times and am b___stfeeding and pumping. It is ALL about the pump. You would do well to invest in a quality electric pump, or rent one from your hospital. I am renting a Medela Lactina Select and it is amazing. When I start, I start at the lowest so it doesn't hurt. Then I slowly increase until it is comfortable but suctioning at its maximum. You can go too high on the suction, as I have, which raised blood blisters (ouch). About the colostrum, I noticed mine about 37 weeks, but many women have no noticeable until after they give birth, and then only when they pump. The baby can get it out, though, so don't worry about it. Take care of yourself, and my advice is to try b___stfeeding and have a pump for taking off engorgement or to have bottles when you are dead tired. And don't give up. If you can make it 6 weeks, you are set. Use the lactation consultants at your hospital if you have problems-they are included in your labor and delivery, and power through. Good luck.


EricaLynn - January 23

I had alot more luck pumping. My daughter had a good latch but is a little barracuda and I absolutely hated nursing her so now I pump full time. Its not ideal, alot of my day revolves around it, but she would eat for hours when I was nursing her, and now she eats and is finished. It hurt me extremely bad to nurse her, my nipples got cracked and infected....I have alot less pain and no cracking with the pump. I have a medela pump in style wich is great. I have heard that just pumping can decrease your milk supply but so far Im not having this problem, but I do have to pump ALOT. It definitely depends on the baby, the latch and the moms nipples. Good luck and I hope everything works out for you! Defintely go to the lactation consultant, they do worlds of good!


Tammy276 - January 24

I pumped and b___stfed my son. If your child latches on correctly, it shouldn't hurt and it shouldn't irritate you nipples.. I can remember it feeling a little weird at first, but I was never in pain from b___stfeeding. The only reason I pumped was to try and increase my milk supply and so that when I was gone, he could still have b___stmilk...but I never produced enough, so he was supplimented with formula as well.


Carly XxX - January 25

hi, thank you all for your replies, you have been very helpful. im going to research more into it but no matter what my baby is having b___st milk! lol thanks again, best wishes x


EricaLynn - January 26

I dont want to damper your intentions. And b___stfeeding is definitely optimal but I wish that someone had told me how demanding it is. Good luck to you though!


krc - January 26

okay..one word of advice is...dont listen to women who say b___stfeeding shouldn't hurt!!!!! Because if you fall into that trap, you'll just get frustrated when your nipples are still in excruciating pain weeks after birth! My nipple pain lasted for 6 weeks !!! It hurt like hell with every feeding, sometimes I wanted to cry. Actually it only hurt when he was latching on, but I didn't feel any pain during feeding. He was latched on good, I dont know why it hurt for so long. But the thought of giving up NEVER crossed my mind. Alot of women give up, but if you stick it out, it does eventually go away!


Mommy_to_be - January 27

For me, b___stfeeding was excrutiating at first...but after about 2 weeks my nipples had toughened up. I've been bf-ing for about 2 and 1/2 months now and it's the most amazing thing. Good luck!



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