Pumping W The Medela

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DANI - February 25

Ok, last night I tried to pump for the first time with my Medela, and it hurt so bad. I know there are different strengths that you can pump at, but I had to use the strongest strength to express milk. Is it supposed to hurt like this? And I only got a tiny bit of milk......I'm kinda worried that pumping may not work for me?? I've been exclusively br___tfeeding my son since the very beginning and he's 8 weeks old.....any advice, please!


Emy - February 25

Hey Dani, the higher the pressure does not mean the best expressed milk. In other words, you don't need to pump that hard! I have been pumping since day one with medela and I pump on #2 setting with low pressure. It works just fine. In fact, I notice, the higher the strength, the less milk I get. You can play around with it to see what works best for you but it should not hurt. And if you are not getting a lot of milk, then you are not at the right strength. Good luck!


C - February 25

I haven't pumped in awhile but I did for 9 months. I always used the lowest pressure and I think #2 speed as well. It takes a few minutes for your milk to let down so be patient. I would pump until my milk stoped an if I had enough time I'd keep going for a few minutes so my body would produce more milk.


Heidi - February 27

I have mine set to the strongest setting and the speed on 5 all the time as I pump 2-3 times a day. It does hurt at first. Especially if you still have sore/cracked nipples. When I returned to work and started pumping more often, I had to buy the bigger cone deals cus my nipples were getting pinched cus they were just too big! I had the 24 mm ones and ended up going up to the 27 mm and it was sooooo much better and the pain went away. I had blisters it was so bad and nursing was very painful at night. Go to www.medela.com and it shows you how to tell if the cone is too small for you. Once I switched I was able to get more milk too for some reason. Probably just I wasn't yelping in pain and there was more room to express milk. Who knows. I just know it hurt like hell. But pumping shouldn't be uncomfortable at all.



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