Putting Baby To Bed Awake

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dawnrs75 - February 9

Kelan is almost 10 weeks and up until now I have br___tfed him in the evenings around 8:30 or so and he would just fall asleep on me finally in the LR with the family (the noise you know he loves). Well, I would like to do this and would like your opinions. I would like to have daddy give him bottle or me feed him downstairs, then take him up to rock him for 10-15 minutes, then lay him down awake. We tried and he just cried! I couldn't stand it! My friend says let him cry 15 minutes, then pick him up and soothe him, then put him back down again. He willl eventually fall asleep on his own. I worry about feeding him in the rocking chair and letting him fall asleep right after finishing his bottle because he sleeps on his stomache and I am afraid he will spit up and I won't know. As much as I would love to sit around all evening and bf until he is asleep and completely soothed, I have other children and I AM TIRED! I lay him down just so he can wake again to nurse within 5 minutes! He has not fallen asleep on his own, except in the car or the swing once or twice. Thanks!


sahmof3 - February 9

My advice would be to do what your friend suggested, but maybe just for 5 minute intervals, until he will go to sleep on his own. It's sooo much harder when you have older ones!


EricaLynn - February 10

I think that sounds reasonable also. My dd always fusses before she falls asleep. Last night she ate, I changed and swaddled and rocked and all that. I set her down awake and screaming in her crib (with heartbeat bear on) and went to the bathroom and to get some water. (things you cant ignore) And when I came back 5-10 minutes later she was sound asleep. She slept about 7 hours too! I am going to start doing this with bailey soon (she is only 6 weeks) to try to get her to fall asleep in her crib. I think its fine to do it, especially if you have older kids.



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