Question About Periods After Weaning

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Angelica87 - November 16

So I weaned my son on September 26 and then October 12 I had my first period since i got pregnant. We're hoping for another baby this month or soon. Anyways my question, I've heard that after weaning your cycles can be very irregular. just wondering how true that is.


miamia - November 21

well i had my first cycle after 7 months and now im preggo again. i had 1 period and that's was it. i just heard that you can be very fertile after b___stfeeding.


E586467 - November 26

Your cycle might take a while to regulate but now it has returned you should be highly fertile, so goodluck & I'm sure it won't take long to get pregnant again.


krc - December 1

I didn't get my period back until my son was 18 months! ( I nursed a long time). When I got it though, it came like clockwork every 28-34 days!


Seredetia - December 1

My period was predictible before I had my daughter, but went nuts after she was born. I didn't get my period until about 6 months after I stopped b___stfeeding her and now it comes every 40-45 days. ugh. It only lasts about 3 days for me, too...which is a nice trade-off. lol. I think everyone is a bit different.


only_three_shots - December 2

Wow, you guys were lucky. I was back on schedule withing two months of each birth dispite the fact that I was b___stfeeding.


wv_red - December 2

Yeah same here! I EBF and low and behold 6 weeks later AF has returned with a vengeance every 28 - 32 days! I thought I wasnt going to get a period... boy was I wrong!


ShannonH - December 19

After my first baby ( b___stfed for 18 months ) i got my first period at about 9 months and it lasted a whole month and It didnt come back until month 11. Then they were pretty regular but long. and I got pregnant at 14 months postpartum. Now with this baby I just had my first period. I am 12 months postpartum. and it was very light. So i am hoping that it will regulate because we want to TTC #3 again.



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