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Rosemarie - November 9

For the last week or so my baby's poopy nappies has had a vinegary odour. She is 5 months old is exclusively br___tfeed and uses disposable nappies. Has anyone else come across this?


Jamie - November 9

Have you intro'd something new into your diet?


fiona - November 9

it's the vaccines. just to let you all know - vaccines hurt my daughter. they aren't even necessary - only teta__s is at age 3. please say no to vaccines- it is your right! my daughter is ill from them and her urine still smells like vinegar/mold. its really miserable. she had seizures and yelled for days. nothing they would do for her - saying its normal.


bump - November 11



Vanaseregwen - November 11

It was always an interesting discovery when changing my son's poopy diapers. Most of it depends on what you eat. Are you eating a more acidic diet? Is there a new veggie or fruit that's in season? Is she otherwise just her normal self? ROTO virus has a very acidic distinct odor-but she would have a fever and would also be vomiting. We ended up placing my son on the floor on a shower curtain!! Goop was comming out of everywhere!! As far as vaccines, there are risks involved with everything, but the risk of dying from one of the diseases they are designed to prevent is MUCH higher. I'm terribly sorry Fiona that your daughter was so adversly effected!! My son was vaccinated with no problems and my soon to be born daughter will be too. If I knew there was a child at my daycare facility who was not innoculated, I would pull my baby girl immediately. The risk of exposing her to children that have not been vaccinated is not one I'm willing to take.


u dummy - November 12

her baby is only 5 months old . you don't give a baby acidic food for at least a year - they cant handle it!


fiona - November 12

you need to research vaccines. they are not necessary, read up on them. your doctor is getting paid each time he/she gives your baby a vaccine. it's a terrible business. would you get 4 shots at once? no. why do that to your baby? many kids aren't vaccinated now, so you might as well pull your kid out of school


Rosemarie - November 12

It had been a month since the last round of vaccinations and I haven't changed my diet. I eat a simple diet, mostly vegies and meats, fruit and cereal and I don't drink tea, coffee or alcohol but I drink lots of water. I've heard that possibly it may be a hindmilk/foremilk imbalance. I'll try and keep the little one a little longer on the first b___st to see if there is a difference. Thanks for your replies! :)


Vanaseregwen - November 14

I have done extensive research on vaccines, and I still intend on vaccinating my children. The only way to wipe out a disease is to give it no where to hide. Yes, they protect my children from getting sick-at some risk-but they also protect every one else by not becoming a carrier. Like many things, it's a personal choice. I have had friends who as a matter of religion have not been innoculated. He decided to go to chef school and wasn't allowed admittance until he was vaccinated for EVERYTHING. He had like 10 shots in one day and had to have that repeated 2 more times. The poor guy wouldn't even take and aspirin and was turned into a pin cushin.


haha - November 14

Van you act like the vaccines are for immunity, they aren't. do you know what immunity means? look it up then research the vaccines again and let us know what you think. i hope the next time you see your doctor you get 8 in 1 vaccines. hope you don't have a seizure like my kids did.


Vanaseregwen - November 14

I do feel adequately informed to make a decision for vaccinating my children. There are risks to almost everything we do. It may be a low risk, but if it's your kids that have the adverse reactions it doesn't matter how low the risk is-it happened 100% for you. There are egg products in the vaccines-so anyone allergic to eggs should steer clear. Also there have been some disturbing things going on in Brazil. Anyone heard of the odd viral outbreak down there. People and cows are getting sick from a virus that is used as a carrier in vaccines. This is the first known problems with this virus. I still think that the benefits outweigh the risks. Until my soon to be new baby girl is through her course of vaccinations, I would pull her from the daycare if I found there was a child that isn't immunized.


Tati - November 14

Giving or not giving vaccines is a risk. I took the risk not giving. I read so much about it I agree with Fiona it's all business. My doctor is great, she even agrees with me about the vaccines. So not all doctors care only about business. Also my sisters friend had twins both got shots, she came home one had a very high fever and died in couple days. Also both were born in perfect health. How would you explain that? And our friends baby died couple months ago after vaccines. Alot od mothers out there don't want to feel the guilt if something happens to the baby. I would feel worse if my baby had seizures or even death because of vaccination.Every mothers makes the chioce for her baby and I respect both.


Yolanda - November 15

I found a new article about this topic. I don't plan to sign this waiver after reading this. and the stuff about doctors refusing the vaccines for themselves jkust ticks me of!


Yolanda - November 15

there are no - in that link. remove the dash to make it work. not sure how it got in there!


teenah - November 15



HaRrIsOn - November 15

That is SCARY!!!!!! The article has medical refs in it that are from trusted sources like jama. My son was such a happy boy before he got vacs on his 8 week check-up. His leg was so swollen and bruised up around one of the shot locations. It looked like he contracted lyme disease, big strange rings around the spot. He had problems breathing and had a mild-ish seizure. We took him and were turned away. The nurse wouldn't even call over the doctor to look. She said it was normal and to quit overreacting. There was a woman who was there who told me she no longer gives vacs to her kids. She lost a baby girl to vacs 7 years ago. Within 15 hours her girl died :( I didn't know about the vacs until this happened to my son. If I had known I would have never taken him in for vacs. To each parent his/her own opinions. If you want to vac, do it. But read up on it first. I only wish I had.


Ah-na - November 16

Thanks. I read it and all I can say is my kid is not getting vaccinated until 3 or so and only a teta__s shot.



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