Question About Strictly Bottle Feeding

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c_baer19 - January 12

I haven't decided whether or not I will br___tfeed, though I'm leaning toward that - I don't need any opinions on that. =) What I'm wondering is, if a woman decides to ONLY bottle feeds her child, does the bottle feeding start at birth? Or is there an amount of time where the woman HAS to br___t feed her child, no exceptions? Just out of curiousity, I wasn't sure how that works.


kellens mom - January 12

Normally you will visit the hospital prior to giving birth. At that time, most hospitals ask if you think you might want to nurse or not. You can say "no" immediately or you can tell them that you would like to try it and see or you can tell them that you will be b___stfeeding. Have you taken an evening cla__s on b___st feeding? Most hospitals offer them for $10 or so. It was well worth the time. They sent me home with literature that helped me make a more informed decision plus I was able to met the woman that helps new mom's learn to nurse. She was very kind which was comforting. Just so you know...I don't think anyone feels completely comfortable with learning how to nurse. It did not come naturally for me at all. I think learning more before hand made it easier to try it at the hospital.


Leilani14 - January 16

You don HAVE TO brestfeed, you just tell the nurses that baby will be botlefed. Just keep in mind that you will get milk and you will be engorged and that is very uncomfortable. So I would recomend to get a brest pump to relieve yourself. I wanted to BF but my baby had issues latching and I ended up exclusevly pumping and I'm really happy how it turned out so that may be another option to think about.


c_baer19 - January 16

Leilani, didn't your milk dry up when you exclusively pumped though? I've heard that it usually does, which is why I'm not sure I want to go that route.


EricaLynn - January 16

Our hospital is very pro b___stfeeding. I b___stfeed so Im not sure on this, but I have heard they wont even let you go home unless you have attempted to b___stfeed at least once. Our hospital also offers free b___stfeeding cla__ses. I think you can bottle feed from birth (most babies arent really hungrey when born though). However the colostrum that you first produce is super dooper good for baby, and for getting your uterus to shrink down. If you are going to strictly bottle feed I would suggest waiting until you are home from the hospital, or at least until after the first 36-48 hours. I have been pumping and bottle feeding expressed milk and I love it, so trying it couldnt hurt.


Leilani14 - January 17

c_baer19 I have actualy never nursed my baby. He didn't know how, it was more play then eating. If I didn't pump I would eventually lost all of my milk, but pumping too stimulates just like nursing. At the begining I would pump every 3 hours and one a night and I would pump 2 min after there was no more milk coming out, that stimulates b___sts to produce more and every time a pumped there was more milk. I build my supply only thanks to the pump. As I produced more milk it gave my oportunity to drop some pumping sessions so now at the 4mo I pump only 3 times a day and that is enought for 6 meals. My baby eats 5 so I freeze the sixth meal. Breastmilk is also great when it comes to storage. It can be out up to 4 hrs and up to 8 day in the fridge, so it gives you flexibility to pump at the times that fit best in your schedule, regardles of what baby's schedule is. It is important that you stick to your pumping schedule so you don't mess too much wit your supply. Well it all depends what you want and I think you can't know in advance if it is going to work or not. I wanted to nurse and I never thought that baby will not know how to nurse, so I adjusted and pumping was what worked for me. I think it is good to know your options so it gives you an idea what to do if original plan doesn't work. Take care


c_baer19 - January 17

Thanks a lot Leilani, I might look into that. =) Yeah Erica, that's what I was wondering and thinking about, too. The hospital here has a lot of free cla__ses on it as well.


EricaLynn - January 17

Most people told me it was a pain in the a__s and that I would hate it. But I love it. My dear fiance can now partake in feeding our daughter, so can grandma and grandpa, wich is great if we want a night out, or just a nap. There is no formula to buy wich is nice, and best of all we are both still getting the benifits of the b___st feeding, Im totally an advoacate of it. However to more answer your initial question the hosptial can try to get you to breasfeed but it is your baby and you can feed him or her whatever you want. Dont be intimidated.


joey - January 18

It's best to b___stfeed just for the first couple of days and then switch to the bottle if that's your choice- the reason is that the first couple of days (befiore your actual milk comes in) you produce what's called colostrum and it's VERY good for protects her from many diseases and helps build your babies immune's important your baby gets this.....then after that just bottle feed if you wish.....that's my advice anyway. Also, there';s no reason why you can't bottle feed from day one- your baby will be more settled on a full tummy, but you should feed your baby the colostrum also- either directly from the b___st or pump it into a bottle and give it to her that way, whatever suits you. Babies generally cry a lot in the first few days waiting for the milk to come in so if you do it this way your baby will be full and more settled but also be getting those good nutrients from your colostrum. Obviously b___stfeeding is best- but don't worry, I'm not here to lecture you on that one!



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