Question Regarding Vomitting Spitting Up

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dani - January 13

My little guy is 2 weeks old, and have been br___tfeeding him from the beginning. I'm concerned because it seems like he throws up / spits up about 4 times a week. I would say it's more like throw this normal?? It worries me! Last night I fed him and he threw it up, and this morning I fed him and he threw it up. I know babies are supposed to spit up a lot and have some throw up but wasn't sure if this is normal or not?? Also, how soon can you br___tfeed your baby after he throws up? My little one seems hungry about an 1 to an 1 1/2 later..............advice anyone?? Thanks!!


Sarahsmommy - January 13

I actually called my dd doctors office this afternoon and asked a question like this one. My dd has just recently been spitting up/ vomiting and I wasn't sure if it was normal or whatever. Her doctor said to make sure I'm spacing her feeding out by at least 2-3 hours and to keep her upright for at least 30 mins after the feeding, and that if I was still concered on monday I could bring her by for a weight check. I would think that since your baby is so young if he wants to eat after 1 or 1 1/2 hours you can probably feed him. And as long as he doesn't seem upset or in pain I think the spitting up is ok. Hope this helped.


Christy - January 13

Ben has been like this, but it was more frequent than you son's and he would spit up through his nose too. The doc prescribed Pepcid for reflux when he was 6 weeks old and it has helped somewhat. I would mention it to the doctor next time your son has a chek-up. I think what you're describing is normal, though.


Erika - January 14

Hi, is he spitting up (a few tablespoons that come up) or is he vomiting (looks like a fountain and travels about 6 inches)? The spitting up is probably reflux which the doctors in all the books have labelled a laundry problem not a health problem. If it's the other kind of vomiting, I'd definitely talk to the doctor. My daughter has the reflux and it's so annoying (I go through 4 shirts a day)...however we've just discovered that it's probably linked to a milk allergy.


dani - January 14

Erika, sometimes it's a few tablespoons but other times it's more than that. I'm using dreft laundry detergent, I wonder if that's a problem??


Christy - January 14

dani- You're cute! I think Erika meant that spitting up a lot makes more laundry for you to do b/c your baby gets it all over his clothes, not that your detergent is causing his problems. :)


Erin - January 14

My son is exactly the same. Once he threw up 4 times in one day, and I mean threw up everything in his stomach, not just spitting up. The difference is that anything more than a mouthful is considered vomiting, not spitting up. We were told to take him to the ER since it was so frequent, and they just said he was probably overeating since he didn't seem to be in any pain, so it wasn't reflux. If he eats really quickly, try pulling him away for a few seconds every once in a while to help him pace himself, especially if you have a strong letdown. And definitely keep him upright for at least 20 mins after he eats--I find that helps a lot. Aidan often wants to eat immediately after he throws up (I guess because his stomach is empty), and I usually give him a little to help him settle down. Hope that helps!


dani - January 15

Erin, thanks so much for your advice. My little guy just threw up a whole bunch just now. It was coming out of his nose as well. I fed him an before, but then he was rooting around and sucking on his arm so I fed him again (1 hr later) and thats when he threw up. My question is how do you know if your baby is really hungry or just rooting around just because? It seems like he only throws up when he's been over fed, I don't believe he has reflux, though.


Erin - January 17

I find sometimes when I try to feed Aidan he won't latch as well, or latches on but pulls away every few seconds. Then I know he wasn't really hungry. If your baby doesn't do that, I would wait 10-15 mins if it seems like he shouldn't be hungry yet. If he's not, he'll probably stop rooting. If he is, he'll probably get more fussy.


G - January 26

My baby also recently began throwing up. I mentioned it to the dr. and she said asked if it looked like curdled milk (which is does), she said this is very normal. It is just the baby's way of saying her stomach is full. She said to be concerned if the vomit is yellow or green.



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