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bloodlust - February 7

I'm 18 and am expecting my baby in August. I know it may be to early to be thinking about these things but I want to have it all planned out. I don't know anyone who's ever br___tfed but I think that I'm going to so that my baby has all the nutrients and antibodies it needs. Everyone has been telling me that it's gross and saying "How could you let someone suck on your t_ts?". Ehh..I'm going to anyway, though. My questions are these: Does br___tfeeding make your br___ts sag? If so, are there any measures I can take to reduce that even just a bit? My second question is if you choose not to br___tfeed, where does your br___tmilk go? Thanks a lot!


Sarahsmommy - February 7

Your b___st may sag but they will anyways from the changes they go through during pregnency. I don't know where your b___st milk goes if you don't bf, I guess you body just reabsorbs it. Don't listen to people who are trying to get you not to bf it's so good for your baby. I will prepare you in the beginning it is painful and takes a lot of time but it's really worth it. Just try to do lots of research on it between now and then. And come ask all the questions you want to.


Steph - February 7

Certainly don't listen to anyone who says it's gross because your "letting a baby suck on your t_ts". That's horrible and it shows the mentality of those who are saying it. Go and google la leche league and read up on b___stfeeding. It will give you some good information for you that should easily help you make your decision. Good luck to you!


JL - February 7

I truly feeling that the key to successful b___stfeeding is a strong support network. As Sarahsmommy said, b___stfeeding is really painful at first, so a lot of people quit right away. You need to find a few people you can talk to when things seem tough. You might be able to meet some more mature friends whom you will have a common ground with through a Lamaze cla__s or a b___stfeeding cla__s at the hospital. Is the baby's father involved? If so, I would recommend that he attend these cla__ses with you. My husband's help and support was crucial to my b___stfeeding success. In the beginning, he would help me to ensure that my baby had the proper latch-on technique.


Heidi - February 8

Hey, I thought the same thing at first. There was no way I was going to do it. I said I'd try but had it in my head I wouldn't once she was born as I thought it was sort of gross and I wasn't big into babies either so that was the last thing I wanted to do was b___stfeed but once she was born and I tried it in the hospital I thought it was the greatest thing. There's no greater bond. Please try it and I bet you'll change your mind. It's an awesome feeling knowing you're providing the best food for your baby and the bonding is irreplacable. Just try it. At least the first couple days as the baby gets the good colostrum and that contains tons of antibodies and nutrients.



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