Rash On Face From Breastfeeding

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renee - March 4

my dd has had terrible cradle cap that spread to her face and it won't go away. Am I aggravating it with things I eat or are the two not related?


Tammy276 - March 4

I don't think the two are related.... A lot of babies get cradle cap. My son is 2 and still has it. Is it cradle cap on the face, or is it just a red rash?


renee - March 4

The doctor has said it is cradle cap and he even gave me a cream to put on it. It helped for a week and now it looks just as bad as it did before I used the cream.


Tammy276 - March 5

hhhmmm...I've never heard of cradle cap on the face before so I really don't know what to tell you. I mean it is just something that happens to babies, so if your doc. gave you a cream, I would just start using the cream again, otherwise there really isnt' anything you can do for it.


kellens mom - March 5

Renee, my dd used to get craddle cap down her face, particularly around her nose and eyebrows. I was able to scrub it off using the technique that they taught us in the hospital with the brush and rubbing the wrong way. I think it is highly doubtful that nursing is agrevating it. I think it is just a baby thing. If I were you, I would post a general question about cradle cap on the infant forum or do a search for old posts (see search above). I have seen many threads with helpful advice on products to try. As I recall, some recommend a certain dandraf shampoo. b___st milk is full of antibiotics, so think putting a little milk on the wound might not hurt either. I have used it to treat dd's pink eye and it worked like a charm. Good luck.


tryingx3 - March 5

So....is "cradle cap" what is going on behind my dd's ears? It is scaly and kind of yellow looking behind her ears.


kellens mom - March 5

How old is your dd again? I have that dry skin issue behind my ears. If she is really young (5 months or less) I would say "possibly". If not, it is likely winter dryness.


tryingx3 - March 6

She is 5.5 months old...just behind her ears. I am trying Aveeno lotion.



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