Recurrent Plugged Duct

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Praying for Resolution - April 12

For the past 6 weeks I have been having a white dot on my right br___t and I realize this is a plugged duct. I have tried warm soaks before and after nursing/pumping. I have been taking Lecithin 3-4 times a day. I continue to nurse. I'm able to express a dot of milk from the duct after aggressive manual massage. The white dot stays there and I get engorgement every now in then. I'm on the verge of developing mast_tis it seems. I have taken all the advice from lactation consultants as well. It seems like the end of the duct is on the verge of release but it hasn't happened yet. I need help!!!! Please someone who has any experience with this problem. HELP!!!


michelle - April 12

Have you checked your bra? I kept getting blocked ducts whenever I wore this one brand of nursing bra I had. It must have been pressing/binding on certain spots. When I stopped wearing that particular brand of bras, I didn't have any problems anymore. I have also been told that sleeping in a position that puts pressure on your b___st may cause blocked ducts. Whenever I do get a blocked duct (and they are less common the longer one nurses - generally) I ma__sage the b___st while taking a hot shower and I always start the baby on the affected side until the problem goes away. If I think I have mast_tis (fever, body aches, red area on b___st, sometimes red streaks on b___st), I do the shower/ma__sage several times a day, take a fever reducer, go to bed and do nothing else except nurse the baby. (And browbeat dh into taking care of everyting else ;) If your problem persists, you should call your dr. Good luck.


Maleficent - April 13

some funny sounding advice that really helped with me was to aim baby's chin into the duct during nursing. for me this meant hanging my little darling over my shoulder but it really did help. thank god my hasband was a good sport and willing to hold her for me.



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