Rolling Over

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anne - October 19

my baby will be 3 months old on the 29th - hasn't rolled over. yet she is showing signs of cutting teeth. how are your babies doing so far?


monica - October 19

Hi anne my baby will be 3 months on the 26 and has not rolled over yet. He can roll to his side only. what are the signs your baby is having? my baby is drooling a lot and sticks his fingers in his mouth.


me - October 23

Hey there, my baby is 3 mths old, and he is learning to roll over (mostly to the side) and he did roll over from front to back couple times. My babies also drools alot and like to make bubble with cutee.He also able to lift his body with his leg while he was lying down.


wenling - October 23

my baby only rolled over properly by himself without help at almost 5 months. But he's on the slow side. But, once he got the hang of it, he can't stop doing it. Even when i'm changing his diaper!


mom42 - October 25

My baby is 12 weeks and rolled when she was tiny, but doesn't now. It seems like my first rolled around 4 mos. But, she is having teeth problems, too. I can feel them on top. She is doing the bubbles and babbling and cooing a lot. I keep waiting for a laugh. She seems to want to sit up-she does sit-ups. I pull her up by her arms and let her sit for a few seconds then let her "fall" backward on the bed and say "plop". She LOVES it : )


April - October 27

My baby just started rolling over at 3 1/2 months. Front to back lots of times. Back to front only once so far. My first was the same. (I checked her baby book.) Both my guy have loved standing from 2 1/2 months. My baby is teething. Drooling and chewing my fingers. His sister got teeth at 4 months. I think he will too at the rate he is going. He can sit for a few seconds if I balance him just right, but then he falls over. He doesn't put his arms out for balance yet.


Katie - October 27

My son has been crewing on his hands and drooling for two months now, but still no teeth. He's five months. He started rolling at about four months.


Jennifer - October 28

A baby I used to nanny for was 8 months before she turned over. She was a slow starter, but she started crawling almost immediately after, and was walking not 3 months later. She already had 3 teeth by the time she rolled over.


C - October 28

My son is six months. He started rolling over at 3 or 4 months and is working on his third tooth. My nephew didn't roll over or get a tooth till 9 months. All babies are different I guess.



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