Screams At Bedtime

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BeckyM - June 27

Our daughter is 3 1/2 months old and br___tfeeding has been going well. She is at grandma's during the day, so gets a bottle, but I only bf when she's with me. She is a great sleeper, sleeps through the night since about 8 weeks, but lately she is not wanting to nurse before bed. She nurses fine the whole evening, but once she has her bath and I try to feed her again before putting her down for the night, she screams as soon as I even start getting her into position. A couple times we've been able to do the side-lying feeding, but most of the time, we just resort to my husband giving her a bottle, and she'll eat 3-4 1/2 oz. It seems to me that she is so hungry that she doesn't know how to latch on, but I feed her before the bath, too, so I don't know why she'd be THAT hungry in that short amount of time. Plus with the bottle he can get a little milk in her mouth so she knows to start sucking. That doesn't work if I try with the br___t. I don't know what the problem is all of a sudden: is she not getting enough from me, is she used to having a bottle all day, or is she just going through a phase? Anyone have any advice? Thanks!


Sophia - June 28

I think she now prefers bottle to b___st. It's good that she atleast b___stfeeds before the bath. Just do what she's comfortable with: give her the bottle before bed, but take it out when she falls asleep, for good hygiene.


Olivene - June 28

I am pregnant with my first, so no personal experience here, but when I read your post I wondered if she is just too tired at that point to expend the effort to b___stfeed since the bottle is supposedly easier to suck. I know that doesn't help witht he screaming, but maybe it is something to think about.


Susan W - June 29

She may be trying to cluster feed in the evenings, or having a serious bottle preference. I think (I am suffering from pregnancy related Teflon Brain!) they go through a growth spurt around now, and so she might very well be hungry again after a bath and tired out and thus getting frustrated very quickly. You could try moving your bedtime routine up a little bit and then trying to nurse before she gets really tired and angry. You could also try to get your first letdown going so she gets milk much faster -- I used to actually squirt milk from my b___st into my screaming son's mouth when he would get angry and frustrated and not want to latch. Hang in there!



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