Sensitive Nipples And Breastfeeding

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Seredetia - June 20

This is rather embarrassing, but I was considering br___tfeeding my baby and I have a bit of a dilemma. My nipples have always been HIGHLY ticklish to the point of hurting. Am I the only person in the world with this problem? I'm so afraid that if I try to br___tfeed I will hurt the baby with my own squirming...especially since they will HURT after br___tfeeding. Has anyone ever had this happen?? I can't even let my husband touch them...I'm wondering if it's a completely different thing that I can handle. Please help!


Krista - June 20

Have you thought about pumping and just giving the baby a bottle?


Renee-Marie - June 20

I have always been sensitive too. Honestly, b___stfeeding was a challenge for me in the beginning. First, I tried using the nipple shield - this helped emensly, and I highly recommend getting this. Then I weaned the baby from that when I felt ready, and he's been nursing directly for 2 weeks so far. You go through your days where you feel your nipples (and the surrounding area) are sore. But if you keep applying lanolin, it gets better. Plus if you pump, you can give your baby bottles of b___stmilk when your b___sts need a rest. this is what I have been doing and so far so good. Just remember, it gets worse before it can get better - your nipples have to 'toughen' up. Good luck.


Seredetia - June 20

Thanks you two, very much. I was seriously considering using a pump and feed from a bottle, but wasn't sure if it would help any. I will try the nipple shields.


bean - June 21

I've never really enjoyed my dh touching my b___sts either. Wasn't exactly ticklish, but it never felt "good." (Weird, I know) But bf is totally different. It hurts like hell in the beginning - don't get me wrong, but a lactation specialist said something that really helped me. She said "if you get through the 60 second sizzle, you'll be fine." She was totally right. Just grin and bear the first minute and after that you're ok. By 4 weeks the pain stopped and now at 6 weeks I'm really enjoying feeding her. I haven't tried a bottle because I didn't want to create nipple confusion. But I think the mindset of your nipples now having a serious job to do - and a major purpose - will make them feel different, rather than ticklish, etc.


Susan W - June 21

Nursing is a totally different thing. I really was not sure about it -- in fact, I went off to have the baby at the birth center not sure if I was going to nurse!!! But I ended up finding it the most wonderful part of being a mom. And I HATE anyone to touch my b___sts, but it's totally different when I hold my sweet and dependent baby to it and provide him food from it. . .. It does hurt until you toughen up that area, but if it hurts for longer than 20 seconds, something is wrong. Take the baby off and try again. . . . And pumping and giving a bottle, imho, is for the birds. Why bother with all that, when you could have the baby fed and settled in just a few minutes? And pumping can be uncomfortable too, so it might not help you at all . .. I'd say, be open-minded, give it a try, if you have trouble call an LC or La Leche League (FREE help!!) and see how it goes for you.


Mel907 - June 22

It took me 8wks to get the hang of it. There are still some days where a less than perfect latch is a little ouchy. I'm soooo glad I stuck it out, though. I wish you luck. It's worth giving a shot, I think.


bean - June 22

A little tip: from day 1 I said to my dd "open wide" whenever I offered her the b___st, and would at times have to pull her chin or bottom lip down to get her to do it. Now she's 6 weeks and I SWEAR she knows what "open wide" means. Whenever she's got too small of an "open" I say the words and she smiles and opens up nice and wide like a baby bird. It's really cute!



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