Should I Buy A Medela PIS

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Christy - December 13

I am going to the hospital for a bf support group tomorrow. I have a 20% off coupon for Medela bf products at their medical equipment store and was thinking of buying a Pump In Style electric pump there. I am an occassional pumper, but want it for when I go out for an evening (so I can pump in the ladies room quickly) and for when I start working occassionally. I also plan to bf any subsequent babies, so I figure it'll get used between a couple of kids. BTW- I already have a manual pump but don't like the idea of using it outside the home.


Christy - December 14



Michelle - December 14

I have never tried it, but I hear they are good. I use the Avent Isis. I can't afford the medela. I hope all goes well for you. Let me know how it works


Christy - December 14

Michelle- I have the Isis too. Have you used yours outside of the home and if so, how has it worked out? I am not keen on pumping in a bathroom stall, but if hubby and I ever go out, I think I'd be less keen doing it with a manual pump. Also, if I go back to work PRN (probably a few times a month) I don't think I'll have time to fully manually pump on a 15 minute break. BTW- you can get pumps on Ebay for pretty good prices. I was also told you can get the motor at a secondhand store and buy the Universal Kit fairly cheaply (I got the kit for free at the hospital.)


Corissa - December 14

I have a Medela on the way being shipped. I got it through a program called Milk Moms for free. If you have a medical reason such as returning to work it if fairly easy to get a nice electric for free. Also, if you are using a manual or an electric you still need to pump for 15 to 20 minutes, otherwise you run the risk of diminishing your milk supply. If you don't plan on pumping very often Target sells a double electric pump made by Evenflo for 50 bucks.


lyn - December 14

I have one and I use it to store milk for her cereal. And I am storing milk for when I stop b___st feeding her exclusively (around 6months) because I still want her to get it until she is at least a year old. It is really the best one you can buy. And I can pump 5 oz milk in about 15 minutes. If you are planning on having another child I would get one.


Christy - December 14

Thanks guys. I am going to get it.


Michelle - December 15

Christy, Pump before you leave, makes thing easier.


Christy - December 15

Michelle- I went to a wedding a couple of weeks ago and we fed Ben right before we left. Two and a half hours later, I was incredibly engorged, nauseated, and desparately wanting to go home. I wish I had known to bring the pump with me, but no one told me that I should. I ended up with a nasty plugged duct which took 5 days of nursing, heat, and ma__sage to go away. I don't want to not ever go out while bf, though, but I think the manual is going to be a pain to carry and use in a public place.


C - December 15

I use the pump in style at home and at work. I could not imagine lugging it out to a public bathroom. I would suggest pumping before you leave and when you return. An Isis would be much better to use in a bathroom, if necessary. I'd say if you have the money, purchase a PIS and give it a try. They work great, and have helped me continue b___stfeeding my son for 8 months. I went back to work full time when he was 6 weeks.


Christy - December 16

c- thanks for the input. so you think the pis is a pain to set up somewhere like a public restroom? see, this is one of the things i hate about bf. if i want to go out for more than 2-3 hours, i either have to pump in a public bathroom or become engorged and risk a plugged duct or mast_tis. my son is going to be 6 wks old monday, so i really can't get away with pumping at a longer interval of time.


Michelle - December 16

They have little carrying cases for the manual pumps too. I am lucky that mine fits in my diaper bag. Sorry to hear about your engourgment... I know how much that hurts. What ever you are most comfortable with. Pump some before with the medela, and while you are out with the manual one. I hope that it all goes well for you.


Heidi - December 17

I love my Medela PIS. It works great!



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