Signs Of Pregnancy While Breastfeeding

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Alicia - September 13

Can anyone tell me the signs of being pregnant while you're exclusively b/f? My son is 4 mos. old and I haven't gotten a period yet, but feel a lot like I did when I was first pregnant with him...


anne - September 13

you can test and it will accurate. testing the first 8 weeks can show false positives, after that it will show neg if you're not and pos only if you are preg. test and see. let me know


Katie - September 14

I thought the same thing for me. I'm not sure if it is just from being a new mom or what. My son is also 4 months old. I did take a test and it came out negative. I'm not sure why I feel the way I do. When I went to my doctor for my six week check up, he told me I should be starting my period (I both bottle and b___stfeed), but I havn't had anything yet. I guess it could be a possibility because We've only been using condoms off and on. My cousin found out that she was five months pregnant while b___stfeeding her baby. It is possible. Keep us posted.


anne - September 14

i forgot to mention that we tested with ept recently too. mine was 100% neg and i gave birth 6 weeks ago. it says in the box that it may show pos up to 8 weeks after delivery, stillbirth, abortion or miscarriage. my hCG dropped off before that i guess. i thought i was pregnant again, i was freaking out so we had to test. i will be testing again nextweek to be sure. not sure what birth control we can use, i can use the pill and condoms smell like c___p to me.. what are you using or planning to use?


Em - September 14

I'm in the same boat - I feel tired, irritable and depressed. My son is also 4 months old and no period - I've been thinking of taking the test but dont' feel like spending the $.


Ravien - September 19

I am planning one getting an IUD the copper one with no harmones if and when I do recieve my period. I stopped bfing my 9 1/2 month old son a few weeks ago during the hurricane. (But they say that the IUD's are safe for b___stfeeding moms as long as they are the copper ones).


Alicia - September 19

well, I tested and it came back negative....thanx for responding to me, it's really nice to have people in the same boat


C - September 19

I read it can take up to 3 months after you stop b___stfeeding to get your period back. Even if you are supplementing you might not get it. Yes you can use an IUD while b___stfeeding. I debated it but I read about possibly having a harder time getting pregnant after it's removed. I decided to take the mini pill instead. I will get an IUD after I have a second child.


EM - September 19

My baby is 4 months today and I still have no period. I am exclusively pumping. I've decided not to worry about it. If my b___bs start to feel tender I will definitely take a test.


Gin - September 22

my period came back last month even though i am still b___stfeeding. But till now.. no signs of it coming. it 3 weeks late. took the test last week. it was negative. Do you think i could be pregnant? milk supply becoming very low, feeling very tired most of the time also..


Alicia - September 25

Gin, my milk supply is low too, and even though i tested and it came back neg, i'm still a little suspicious..had extremely bad nausea last night, and just kind of "feel" pregnant...


Lisa*9 - September 26

When I was still bf my 15 month old became pg amd started to fill full in the b___sts ,the same pg symptoms as my first .. Sorry can't help anymore.then this


emma - September 27

i am exclusively bf my four month old and have had what appear to be cramps, tired, dizzyetc. i have taken 5 tests and all have come back neg thus far. can you really be preg if the tests show otherwise??? no period yet i am really concerned


mel - September 27

I was worried about pregnancy while I was b___stfeeding too, with both of my kids. I had no period for 11 months even after my son started eating solids. As soon as he weaned at a year I started then got pregnant 3 cycles in. Now my youngest is 6 months and I have had one period and all of the symptoms....again. With all neg tests. I got so tired of wondering that I said, forget this! I'll either have my period or the baby will kick! My theory is that the hormones from pregnancy and b___stfeeding ar so similar that alot of times they can be mistaken for each other.


emma - September 27

in response to ME....are you telling me that i should not worry because i am making myself sick here. you know when you in your mind create some symtoms. sounds crazy!!!. are your b___sts suppose to hurt while you are nursing just like you were pregnant. i remember having cramps but a little more sever and really sore b___sts at about 25 days or so pregnant. now i am really really tired (could it be that i am getting up all the time and running around like a fool) and feel dizzy bewcuase of this. i have read previous posts and they say that a negative test could still be positive. Even after 5 tests and a month of testing? does nursing affect the test? every time i get a negative test i feel relieved for the moment but then a week later i feel like c___p agian. help


lee - October 3

i was nursing my son exclusivelyfor 8 months. then, suddenly, my milk supply pretty much diminished itself. i tried and tried to build it back up with no success, then 2 months later i found out i was 5 months pregnant. so for me, my milk supply diminished, but for others that doesn't happen. as far as b___sts being tender, mine are always tender when b___stfeeding, they feel the same as if i was pregnant, so you really can't go by that.


Jenn - October 5

i am in the same position as most of you here. i have a 22 month old, and a 4 months old. i was b/f my oldest til she was 1. i started to feel sick and preg like when she was 7 months old, was taking test after test after test, and they were all neg. until 3 months later when my dr took a test an it was pos. so i was really freaked out. i was getting slight cramps while nursing, milk was coming in heavier, when i would nurse her, i had to have a pad on the other side becasue the leaking was heavy! an now i am in the same position again, took 1 test - neg. but the only difference this time, is my milk supply is very low, my 4 month old isnt getting enough. so i will wait another month an see... i know i wasnt much help, but sometimes you feel preg before you are when you are nursing. because from the time i started feeling sick til the time they said i conceived was about a month an a half. so unless they totally messed up my dates, it is just very confusing...



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