Sleeping Without A Shirt On

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Katie - October 14

My son is four months old. He is a wonderful baby during the day, but at night, he want's to nurse constantly! I now sleep without a night shirt and bra to let him latch on whenever he wants to eat. Should I be letting him do this or should I put him back to his crib every few minutes. I work full time so I really need to get a little sleep and have found this is the way I can sleep. Thanks for the help


mom42 - October 14

Keep him in bed with you and let him eat when he wants. This could also be his way of carving out time with you when you're home. My older daughter has gone through phases when she needs to sleep with us for a few nights to "catch up" on mom and dad time-especially if we're working a lot or have a lot of activity happening. I feel that if it makes her more secure and comfortable, then fine. There will be people who tell you that the baby shouldn't sleep with you, but if you are comfortable with it and both of you are getting your needs met (you sleep, he eats), go for it! Once he becomes more secure and pa__ses through this eating spurt, then put him back in his crib.


Jamie - October 14

I've slept topless since bringing my daughter home from the hospital - it IS easier to b___stfeed at night that way, and you get more sleep.


Qustion - October 14

Don't you leak all over the bed?


Katie - October 14

Thank you! I didn't know if I should let him do that. I don't leak because he is constantly sucking.


erc - October 15

try feeding him more during the day. books i've read said that if you give him a nice healthy feeding right before bed he should sleep better...feed him more often during the day b/c sometimes they need the night to catch up on calories they missed during the day...some baby's would rather stay stimulated and explore their world instead of eating during the night it's boring so they play catch up. makes sense to me.


Katie - October 15

Actual b___stfeeding doesn't happen during the day. I work full time. He does get expressed milk and I know he is getting enough. He has also started solids but it seems to be more of a comfort thing to b___stfeed at night.


Erin - October 15

have you tried giving him a pacifier? sometimes they are sucking on the b___st for comfort,not because they are hungry.


anne - October 16

erin just took the words right out of my mouth. i found my daughter just liked the pacifier without needing the milk. it helped her sleep more through the night. it was one of several factors that helped in the beginning, but it was one of the biggest.


Katie - October 16

Yes, I have tried a pacifier. It just doesn't stay in his mouth to long before he spits it out.



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