Sleepy Baby

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Amber - February 13

My 6 day old son wont stay awake during feedings! Ive gotten him naked (down to diaper) i tickle his chin, talk to him, bounce him a little, and he STILL falls asleep after about 10 min. Any advice? I just want him to stay awake long enough so that im not feeding him every hour... although i fear we have already gotten into that habit.


April - February 13 or Both these sites have great info for new moms.


Ange - February 14

Feeding every hour at they age is very common and necessary - I promise it won't go on for ever


Briannasmommy - February 14

I went through the same thing. My baby is 3 months now, and she is much more alert and stays awake better now. I still have to do different techniques to keep her awake, but she has gotten much better. And I usually have to change it up a bit every so often. I used to play with her feet and rub her back when she was first born. That didn't work for too long, so I started waking her up to burp her and maybe even switching sides. Now I play the radio while she nurses and tickle her back when she starts to doze off. That seems to work well for the mean time. :) I read that human milk has something in it that relaxes the baby and often helps them sleep. Luckily that newborn sleepy stage doesn't last forever. Good Luck!


lynnstress - February 14

My son is 8-1/2 weeks old and he still falls asleep during every feeding - b___stmilk OR formula. He's a sleep eater - eyes closed but still sucking. As long as you can get your baby to take the food, don't worry if he's sleeping!


Emy - February 14

Same thing here. Sometimes she will suckle a few times and then it seems like she is in deep sleep. Like you I have to tickle her ear, touch her feet, etc...and she will start to suckle again a little and then off to sleep. Breast feeding takes forever now and I am hoping it will get easier as she gets older.


Kerri - February 16

My daughter is 5 days old and I am going through the exact same thing. I've been to a lactation center twice and they have helped tremendously. For me it helps to take her off the b___st, burp her, then switch to the other. I will go back and forth a couple times and this will keep her more awake. I also rub her feet and her back. It also helps to ma__sage the b___st they are feeding on too.



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