Sling Review Plz Which Is Best Sling To Get

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4buzybeez - May 11

hi. i am 30 wks pregnant and searching for a sling for my new baby. i want to ask mothers out there, which one (brand) was your favourite sling and which is the best type? wrap, ring sling or pouch sling? has anyone ever try carrying a premmie baby in a sling before? which one was the best for you and baby? best fit? and babies who have colic and refluxes, which sling helped most? i am a small asian lady and i know i can never have a huge baby. so far my biggest was 6.3 pounds and my small baby was 4.8 pounds so expect this baby wouldnt be any bigger than 6.6 pounds. Do you think a ring sling is better for premmies or small size babies? and can be adjustable when accordingly to their growth? and is it easy to br___tfed when baby is in a sling?


4buzybeez - May 11

i forgot to add that i need one that is comfortable and does not dig into my shoulders. i had that problem with my fisher and price carrier.


charee - May 21

I am so glad you asked!!!!!! MAMMASMILK.COM Get one of her slings. I have the same one i had with my daughter for 2 years, and now use is with my son who is 8 mos now. I have one of the silk ones, which i love cause it doesnt STICK to your clothes and pull them around, and the baby goes in and out easy. GET THAT ONE, only mammasmilk. THEY ARE THEEEEEE BEST, i have like 4 other kinds, and the front carrier and i always use my sling. its like 65 bucks but worth every penny. I would even go as far as to say its my favorite product for baby! I thought i would like the boppy and i never use it. I love the sling. Its great, and especially with the 2nd kid when you REALLY need a free hand. I even use it hiking up a mountain and b___stfed him while he was in it, and i was hiking. GET SOMEONE TO GET YOU ONE, you wont be dissapointed!


rislerb - June 12

I had about 4 different ones because I couldn't find one that was comfortable. I would have to say that the best one as far as comfort is from It's the best! It doesn't even feel like you are holding anything!~ My seven month old is 22 lbs and feels so lightweight in it. You can b___stfeed in it fairly easily but I found it to be a bit awkward for small babies. I used the Moby wrap for him when he was newborn and I still use that one as well. That one is nice because it fits so snug and you can wear it many different ways. Hope this helps!



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