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lala7 - April 7

My 2 week old daughter was doing really well at sucking at the br___t, but lately she's been sometimes making smacking sounds when she's feeding. I don't feel that I'm putting her on any differently than before, and sometimes in the same position she'll suck normally, and then all of a sudden will start smacking. It's really frustrating because I don't know what's causing it or what to do. Any ideas?


Kiersten - April 7

Is she pulling off you and making the sound? My ds did that...still kept nursing but would make sucking/clicking sounds from his mouth/throat. Maybe she's just making a new sound that's fun...? I'm by no means the expert though! We had many issues getting ds to nurse in the beginning and had to use a shield and now I can NOT for the life of me get him off it, so there are probably women out there who can help you more. I will say though that if you're concerned at all to call your pedi. That's what they're there for! GL and congrats on your little girl!


lala7 - April 7

Thanks. No, she stays on and makes the smacking noise. She'll do normal swallowing noises, and then all of a sudden smacking nnoises, and then back to swallowing. If only babies could speak!!


britt_m - April 8

My dd started doing this at a few weeks and we seen a lactation consultant and she watched her eat and moved her, tried to reposition. Then said we were both doing everything right and she'd grow out of it. It was more of a clicking noise maybe from her tongue and I read it could mean something bad or something. But I just ignored it after that and don't even remember how long she did it for, not too long tho. Didn't effect nursing in the long run, shes almost 10 1/2 months and we're still going.


cynnababy - April 15

My DD does the same thing too! I have no clue why she is doing it now. I will ask a LC.


sarah21 - April 16

My DD is two and a half weeks and she has started doing the same thing but she is still latched on well and it doesn't hurt my nipples so I just ignore it and try lifting my b___st a little (I have large b___sts) and try to help her a bit.


krc - April 17

i wouldn't worry about it. My son was a noisy sucker and made all kinds of crazy sounds that used to crack me up!



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