So Full Of Crap

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Mommy_to_be - February 2

I don't know why, but all the books, consultants, etc say that if your doing it (br___tfeeding) right, it won't hurt...I just want to say that is c__p. My daughter and I mastered the latch on the morning after she was born and I can honestly say it hurt like h__l until she was about a week and a half. My nipples were soft and tender and it hurt terribly for the first minute of feeding and I would dread the moment that she'd start acting hungry again bc it was so painful. When my dd was around 2 weeks old my nipples finally toughened up and now I've been exclusively b-fing for 2 and a half months and I love it. I guess the point of this is that even if you're doing it right, it does hurt for some people, but stick with it, it's just a phase and once it passes you will love it! Congrats to everyone choosing the best food for your baby!


tryingx3 - February 2

:-) I found your post amusing. I think my dd and I mastered the latch almost immediately too and I did have some discomfort...not the kind some describe though. I did use some lanolin based ointment a few times to help through the first couple of weeks. I am so glad I stuck with it too! It is hard but so worth it.


EB - February 2

I agree. DS had no prob with latch and nipples hurt like hell, slowly improving over the 1st month. I'm now at 7wks. I always thought it was lactation folks who want to give you a rosier view so you don't quit. Blame it on latch instead of telling it straight. Going to hurt like stink even if all goes right. Keep at it & eventually nipples adjust & you'll and LO will reap benefits.


Perl - February 2

Thank you and yes I agree. It does hurt especially if you have a barracuda baby who really likes to go for it! My hospital lactation consultant gave little guy the "baby of the week" award for latching on the quickest 'like a pro' but it still hurt. Thank goodness for Lansinoh.


Brenda M - February 2

I couldn't agree more. My baby is a wonderful eater and I had toe-curling pain for the first two weeks! It was horrible! Now he's seven months and everything is wonderful.


Mommy_to_be - February 2

I'm glad I wasn't alone! Perl - I feel you on the barracuda baby! Til this day my lo will pull down and to the side while "biting/gumming" my nipple when she's trying to poop! - ouchie!



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