Solid Foods

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Jen - January 30

My ds is 4 months and I wanted to know when you are supposed to start solids. A lot of people have told me 6 months, but my niece is 4 months and they are giving her water and oatmeal with a spoon. She also is formula fed. Is it bad that I am just feeding him br___t milk and nothing else?


eclipse - January 30

Nope, you are doing the right thing. A baby doesn't need water because they get their fluids from the milk and their kidneys haven't developed enough to process a lot of water out in its natural form until about 6 months. The only reason my ds is getting rice cereal in his bottle is that he has reflux and also eats so much that my doctor recommended it so I could keep up with his demand (he eats 6-9 oz every 3 hours). I think the rule of thumb is starting solids around 6 months or when he or she is exhibiting interest in it (can be later). Your ped can help you decide when the right time is for your little one, but don't be in a rush. You are doing the right thing now. Babies don't need to rush to solids, as long as they are gaining weight and healthy, there is nothing to worry about.


tryingx3 - January 30

We had 4mo appt yesterday and many people have asked me about starting solids and based on American Pediatric a__soc recommendation not to give b___stfed babies solids until 6mo...I asked my dr and she agreed that waiting was just fine for us.


spamanda - February 3

No, it's very good that you are just giving him b___st milk! lol. We just had our four month appt. and the doctor said the same thing as tryingx3's. There are allergies (including food allergies) on both sides of our family, and we have been told to delay solids as long as we can. He's been reaching for my gla__s and plate all the time though, lol, so who knows if we'll actually make it to 6 mos. but we're definitely trying. Don't let the other moms and their decisions get to you, just keep doing what you think is right. Good luck!


Perl - February 5

My ds's pediatrician recommends we wait as close as we can to the 6 months mark.


Miloswife01 - February 9

It is when ever you feel that your baby is ready. There is nothing wrong with only b___stfeeding. There would be nothing wrong if you werent only b___stfeeding either. I started my daughter on infant ceral when she was two weeks old and she is a beautiful healthy 11 month old baby. She has also been sleeping between 9 and 12 hours a night since 6 weeks. My mom gave me ceral when I was my daughters age and I turned out ok. if you feel your little on is ready then by all means go for it. If not then you should wait till you feel they are ready.



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