Son Crying During Feeding

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fitzerin - October 12

I am soo stressed out. When I try to feed my son he will suck for about 30 seconds before he gets upset and begins crying and screaming. This doesn't happen all the time...usually just at the night time feedings. I don't know what to do about it. I know he's hungry (all the signs are there) but he can't feed because he is screaming the whole time. Help please!!


fitzerin - October 12

oh and my son is 2 1/2 weeks old


wailing - October 12

It's hard to say what the problem is since there could be a number of issues. I would suggest going to a lactation consultant to check if ur latch is okay or if there is some other physical problem. However, if things usually go well, but he is just fussy at nite then it could be that he is just tired, extra hungary, and aggrivated that the milk isn't coming down fast enough for him!!


lily10 - October 13

My daughter went through a phase like this. I even t_tled a thread "All of a sudden b___stfeeding is a nightmare". My daughter was the same way she would nurse for a very short time then get really upset and scream. When he pulls off is your milk streaming out very fast? it could be that too much milk is coming out or the exact opposite, he could be frustrated that the milk is not coming fast enough. I know how stressful this can be, when my dd did this I regretted that I even started to BFeed because I was sooooo stressed out. Things did get much better for us but making it through that was tough. You can always contact a lactation consultant.


slackette - October 13

Yep, sounds like either forceful letdown (check it out on or its not coming fast enough. Its funny, I think I have a forceful letdown on my left b___st and it doesn't come fast enough on my right...either way, I have one frustrated little guy. I can tell you that it gets better as the weeks go on b/c he gets used to it (either problem). My LO is 9 weeks old now and doesn't scream anymore with the letdown b/c he is used to it now. He does get mad at the right b___st though when he is hungry, so I just start him off on the left no matter for me..GL!!


jen327 - October 13

This happened to me too. My let down is very fast, and when we got to the night time feeding, my b___sts were so full and it came out so fast he would choke and it was just too fast. So I pump now for 5 mins then he eats and all is well/


charee - October 14

Hmmm... my son does the same thing at some feedings... and i think it is usually that my milk is coming down way too fast for him, so i will take him off and just let it pour onto a cloth for a minute and then feed him.



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