Son Is 6wks How Do I Start Breastfeeding

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Layla - July 11

When I was pregnant with my son I had every intention of soley br___tfeeding but he came 2 months early and had to stay in the hospital after he was born and that threw everything off. My milk took a few days to come in so he started on formula. When my milk finally did come in he was too small to latch on so I would pump as much as possible and bring it to the hospital. When he came home I was able to pump so much more than he could eat so I stopped pumping so often not realising it would cause my milk supply to dwindle. Now I barely produce any milk but it hanst completely dried up yet. After seeing what the formula is doing to him (constipation, gas ect) I would really like to just br___tfeed him but I dont know how to get my milk back up. I still BF him about once a day but its never enough to fill him and I have to give him formula afterward. Does anyone have any advice on how to get my supply up?? I would REALLY appreciate it. Thanx!


babybird - July 11

Pump, pump, and then pump some more. The more you pump the more it will stimulate the milk supply to come back. Nurse him as often as you can also. If you pump and nurse as much as you possibly can then your milk supply will come back. It may take a while but hang in there and you'll see good results. Good luck!


tryingx3 - July 11

Do you have a lactation consultant at your local hospital you can contact?


Susan W - July 11

LC, and contact LLL. Pump after every nursing attempt. Try fenugreek. Hang in there!


Layla - July 11

thank you ladies! is fenugreek something you can get over the counter? And i'm not sure about the lactation consultant I'll have to check that out.


Elle - July 11

Hi Layla, yes, Fenugreek is an herb that you can purchase at a health food store. I used it with good success - the only thing is that your urine and sweat will start to smell like maple syrup. A small price to pay for an increased milk supply IMHO. Anyway, I bought the 610 mg. capsuls and I took two capsuls three times a day. I found the dosage info on line (Kellymom or LLL). Once your supply increase has been established, you really don't need to continue taking it. Good luck to you!! I agree with the advice given as well - just keep on pumping, even if you don't get anything out right away. Pump at least every 2-3 hours and within a few days you should see improvement! Take care.


Yodergoat - July 11

Congratulations on the birth of your son! I'm sorry that everything has not gone as you expected and hoped. But, kudos to you for still trying to make b___stfeeding work! I think that you should look into a device called a "Supplemental Nursing System." It allows a baby to receive formula or expressed milk while nursing at your b___st and stimulating your supply. The baby gets food, your b___sts get the stimulation they need to make more milk, and the baby learns to feed at the b___st instead of a bottle, all at the same time. Even mothers of adopted babies, women who have never been pregnant, can build a supply using these. Here is a link that shows a photo of one in use... but I don't know if the Medela corporation makes one that is any better or worse than any other: (take out any dashes that might appear EXCEPT the one between "healthquest" and "nf") These are available for purchase online or at larger medical supply outlets... you might want to ask your doctor or (as others suggested) a lactation consultant. The lactation consultant will be able to advice you better than a doctor, I bet! Pumping will certainly help, too, but putting the baby to your b___st as often as possible might do more to bring your milk supply back more quickly. If your baby uses a pacifier, you might want to stop using it and just let him suckle whenever he wants, even if he isn't getting much milk. The more time he spends nursing, the more milk you will have. Best wishes!


lynne - July 11

bf your son as much as you can and pump inbetween make sure and pump or feed him at least every 3 hours and you should see an increase in your milk within a day or two just hang in there and be persistent i have a six week old son also and he is fully bf. good luck


Layla - July 12

Thanks for all of the great advice. I will definitely give it a try.


mscott - July 20

I agree with tryingx3 about the lactation consultant. She would be a great help. i stopped bf when my little guy was 6 wks and then started again when he was 20 wks. My lactation consultant simply recommended that I offer the b___st(both sides) for 10-20 min or as long as tolerated. and then topped of each feeding with formula or expressed milk. I also pumped alot and had pretty good results. GOod luck....try to keep the experience positive!!!!!



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