Son On Day 5 Of No Poop

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KH - September 19

My baby is br___tfed and is going on day 5 of no poop. He was going 2-4 times a day. I have tried the rectal thermometer a few times. He doesn't seem terribly uncomf, but at times seems agitated. I guess I could try the glycerin suppositories but don't really want to. Why is this happening?


anne - September 19

this is going to sound gross, but its what our ped suggested in the event what happened to you happens to us - get a q-tip and put vaseline on it - rim the baby's opening with it to stimulate a bowel movement. it will also help lubricated the area to allow an easier bowel movement if very constipated. hope this helps..


KH - September 19

thanks Anne - that's what I did with the rectal therm. I put vaseline on it too. Thanks for the thought :) How is your supply doing. You stopped b/f and then started up again right?


anne - September 19

i never stopped pumping, but now i use a nipple shield to get her to latch on which is working well. did you call your ped? 5 days seems a longgg time for a baby that is taking in b___st milk. maybe call up and ask just to see..


Jenn... - September 19

How old is your baby KH? At about 7-8 weeks many b___stfed babies bowel movements change. Some will even switch to having only 1 per week. I freaked out when my son went from going 2 X per day to 2 X per week. I call it a mudslide because he seems to save up quite a bit in between movements, usually it goes right through his diaper. If he is more than 4-5 weeks old and as long as he seems happy, his tummy is not hard, and his mouth is wet he should be fine. A quick call to your ped may set your mind at ease though.


Jenn... - September 19

ok, i just realized my post might be gross to some people. Bowel movements never have been funny to me until I had my baby.... even the grossest things are now just too cute! lol...


C - September 19

I would call his doctor. Even if he's 7-8 weeks 5 days is too long. Even if they say not to worry about it I'd call to be sure. My son is 4.5 months and never goes longer then 2-3 days but he still usually has at least 1 per day.


anne - September 19

wow, my ped told us if she is bf (only) that she will have a lotttt of watery stools for months until she gets on solid food..


EM - September 19

The literature from our ped says that b___stfed babies poop between 8 times/day or once every three days. Five days I would call the doc. My son went from pooping after every feeding to now pooping once a day or everyother day. Once in a while he'll miss two or three days and I start to get worried. Watch out when that baby finally does cut loose!!!!


KH - September 19

thanks ladies. he had 2 large poops a little while ago. They were very thick (kinda like if you put peanut b___ter in the microwave). I know that sounds gross, sorry :) I've microwaved pb before to make a thai sauce and that's all I can compare it to. thanks again... ps my friend's baby went through the same thing at this age exactly (he is 9 weeks)


Eryn - September 20

we had the same issue and used the glycerin suppositories. The next day her plumbing was back to normal. Just be careful not to use them to much.


anne - September 20

there goes my idea for pb sauce lol


KH - September 21

sorry Anne :)


anne - September 21

nah, it's hilarious. i was calling my husband the other day and my daughter took the grossest c___p ever. so i said "gah, it's like the inside of a burrito!!!!!" and he said "oh... i guess i should avoid the mexi-cart today. i was planning on buying one for lunch" LOL.


pauline - September 21

it is normal after 5 to 6 weeks for b___stfed babies to go longer between poos my baby is now 17 weeks and at 6 wks wnt 6 days then 8 days then 12 days each time i contacted doctor to be told it was normal i tried a little diluted juice and whether a coincidence or not it started getting better fo 6 to weeks only went every 5 days but boy is he now makin up for it so dont panic natur is brill i am 38 and also a gifted mum


babs - September 21

you are a gifted mum?


anne - September 22

i think she meant she has a gift - her child at 38, not that she is a gifted mother like she is special.



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