Sore Breast And Less Milk

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Sprinkles - September 21

Hi - My daughter is just about to turn 4 months old and a couple days ago something happened to my right br___t - I think it has to do with how she nurses she will latch on the pull her face away kind of hard look around and do it again and again now that nipple at the base cracked open and when I pump it is extremely painful - on top of that when I pump it is like 2 oz now out of that side.. I dont know why. I am just pumping and not letting her nurse on that side til it is healed cause she is too rough and makes it bleed again. I also pump alot because she takes about an hour to drink from the bottle and at least I know when she is done because when i just nurse her she is never really done and i cannot lay there for 2-3 hrs and let her nurse unfortunatly. So is it ok that I pump more then let her nurse? Typically I just let her nurse overnight and maybe once or twice a day then the rest of the day I pump so her sister can feed her or her dad can feed her. She seems to be in better spirits when she is bottle fed the br___tmilk cause she actually eats and gets full. Another thing I wonder is she is just about 4 months old I gave her a tiny bit of rice cereal a few times but should I really start introducing this say once or twice a day? She seems really fussy sometimes and Iwonder if it is because she is still hungry? Lots of ?'s I know lol sorry but any advice would begreat- thanks!


Whitney - September 22

Hi, I just wanted to let you know I do the exact same thing as you. I have a 2 month old daughter & have had a hard time nursing, I developed mast_tis twice because her latch has been horrible since birth & I am constantly sore if I nurse often. So I pump about 8 times a day & feed her the pumped milk & she takes a bottle just great & is very happy. But for some reason at night & first thing in the morning she seems to nurse just fine but during the day she throws a fit & refuses the b___st & only wants a bottle. If I nurse her it takes forever, but she can finish a bottle in no time. I also have a 3 year old son & don't have the time to sit & nurse her all day when I have him to chase after ... pumping & bottle feeding is easier then trying to force her to nurse when she clearly hates it & loves the bottle, which seems weird to me but that's what works for us. Oh, & about the rice in the bottle ... I did that with my son when he was 4 months & it didn't seem to help with him sleep better thru the night or keep him fuller, but I would give it a shot anyway as it might work for you.


Sprinkles - September 22

I tried the rice last night and she slept all night but that may just be coincidence lol cause she had 5 oz of cereal and then 3 oz of bm so she HAD to be full lol .. It's weird how they wont BF well when its during the day but at night they are great about it. I have to just pump all day now cause that one side is really sore and she is harsh on the nipple so with the pump i can lower the suction at least.



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