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mayaB - May 18

I had my baby this monday!! May 15th!! I'm infatuated with him!! I'm encountering my first prob w/ is that my nipples are so sore from br___tfeeding. Is this normal? am I doing something wrong? is he doing something wrong? The farmacist gave me some oil to put on my nipples because they are cracking up. Just very paingful but I love br___tfeeding him.. Can anyone help?


Susan W - May 18

First, check your latch at every feeding. If that is fine, you might be having that normal first-time soreness, which can be pretty bad. I know everyone says it shouldn't hurt if they are nursing properly, but I think it does for the first few days. And just doing it wrong a few times will bring on soreness that takes time to clear up. I found Lansinoh ointment and Nipple B___ter from Earth Mama Angel Baby very soothing, as well as never letting my nipples dry out. Hydrogel pads also work great. I've seen and heard of all kinds of stuff to help with sore nipples, and some helps some people and not others, so you'll have to experiment. I did make sure my clothing did not rub my nipples a first while they were toughening up as that was painful. If you aren't sure of your latch, contact a lactation consultant or your local La Leche League, and one of them is likely to make a house call and help you out. . . I found b___stfeeding to be the part of being a mom I loved the most. I'm glad you are enjoying it other than the soreness. Hang in there. The first 4-6-8 weeks are the hardest, and you will be amazed at how much your baby will change in just the first week :)


Annette - May 18

maya, congratulations on your new baby and don`t give up. Nipples can get sore, tell me about it! my son was literally eating blood the first couple days, I hope it is not as bad for you. Lansinoh ointment did miracles for me and so did rubbing some fresh b___stmilk on my nipples, wearing b___stpads helped me too because the dry milk and blood scabbed on my clothes, ouch! When the doctor at the hospital told me it would take 2-3 weeks to master b___stfeeding I thought I would never resist the pain that long. My baby is 3 months old now and although I personally don`t enjoy b___stfeeding, it has been worth it for he is so big and healthy and of course pain is part of the past.


Jilloh - May 20

even pumping my nipples occasionally get sore.....ypu're fine, just take it easy and try different things you will find what works best for you


sparkles - May 21

First, consult with a lactation nurse to make sure that your baby is latching on correctly. If so, then try rubbing your own milk on them and don't let them get totally dry. You can pump a few times to give them a break. All this helped me so much. Good luck!


2StarsOnMyBack - May 22

Hi MayaB. Congratulations! Maya, I had the same problem and was using Lansinoh and Polysporin. No luck. My mom swears by using some olive oil on your nipples before, after and in between feedings. I tried it and my nipples both cracked and sore, healed within a week. I would use that, plus was around the house topless as much as I could. It really works wonders, trust me. Plus it won't harm your baby.



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