Spit Up Normal

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Jennifer - September 22

It seems like my baby spits-up alot especially when she eats alot. I feed her every 2-3 hrs and everytime she hungry-but she still goes at like crazy. It's like she almost chokes and then she spits up alot both digested(and just milk) and it will even come out her nose sometimes. Is this normal? Does anyone elses baby like this? Thanks.


Billie - September 22

My son also spits up a lot. Sometimes its curddled and other times it's just milk. I also feed him every 2-3 hours. doctor said that it was normal.......


anne - September 23

same here. she started spitting up once a day beginning just 4 days ago. she is 8 weeks old, so i lucked out not having to witness the explosive puking lol for this long lol. make sure to burp the baby often. if you are using a bottle, burp after each ounce. this really helps a lot. also, if she is chugging the milk, pull out and let her calm down a bit or she/he will get sick. and yes, the cottage cheese puke is normal as well as it coming out of her nose.


Jenn... - September 23

Do you offer your baby both b___st at one feeding or only one side? I was having this problem with my son around 7 weeks or so. When I brought it up to doc and my lactation consultant they both told me the same thing. If it doesn't seem to bother him much, he is still gaining, pooping, peeing, and mouth is still wet then spitting up is just his way of self regulating. He was getting rid of the extra milk he was consuming. I would feed him from one side and if he still seemed hungry or wanted to nurse again soon I would offer him the other side. Each time you start a b___st ounces come out followed by tablespoons, followed by drops and teaspoons. What I found out was that sometimes he was thirsty or just wanted a little snack and the tablespoon or drops and teaspoons was all he needed. I was told to offer only one b___st during a feeding then if he wanted to nurse again within an hour of the end of that feeding to use the same b___st. It worked. He stopped spitting up and choking immediately. For the first few days of doing that he seemed hungry all the time, but my milk supply increased at each b___st and soon one side was enought to satisfy him for a few hours. I hope this helps. best of luck!



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